Glorious Menorca Holidays

Menorca is situated off the east coast of Spain, and lies in the Balearic Sea, with Italy to the east and Algeria to the south. One of the Balearic Islands, along with Ibiza, Majorca and Formentera, Menorca is popular for its climate, culture and cuisine.

Less developed than its nearest Balearic neighbour Majorca, the island has plenty of hidden sandy coves, unspoilt beaches and stunning scenery, making it a perfect holiday destination. More about culture and unwinding than clubbing and drinking, a trip to Menorca is a relaxing getaway with a slower pace of life than its Balearic cousins. What’s more travel agents such as Thomas Cook are offering some great deals on cheap holidays to Meorca at the moment.

History & Culture – There is much to see in Menorca, from art galleries to traditional fiestas complete with street parties, food, drink and fireworks. The best and most popular is the ‘Festes de Sant Joan’, which lasts for three whole days and involves horse parades, horseback jousting and a huge firework display to close the event. If you like to discover the history of your holiday destination then you won’t be disappointed. Menorca has been either invaded or occupied by the Vandals, Byzantines, Moors, Aragons, Turks and the Brits, giving it a rich history. The island is also home to archaeological finds from as early as the Bronze Age whilst the Museu Municipal de Ciutadella is popular among tourists for its permanent exhibition on the ancient history of Menorca and is a must see if you want to learn more about Menorca.

Food & Drink – Few people know this fact, but Mayonnaise was invented by the French to celebrate their victory over the English at the battle of Mahon, Menorca, in 1756! And the British influence from their time in occupation of Menorca has lingered on in the form of Pomada, a drink made from mixing gin and bitter lemon which is popular with the locals and served in bars and restaurants throughout the island. The cuisine in Menorca includes a lot of seafood, no surprise for an island surrounded by a sea with rich fishing zones, and the quality is, on the whole, excellent. Fornells is a little village located in a bay to the north of the island and is famed for its lobster stew, said to be the best Menorcan stew on the island and so good that the King of Spain has visited purely for that meal!

Beaches – The beaches in Menorca are unspoilt little havens. From large beaches popular with tourists to smaller more intimate and romantic ones ideal for couples you’ll find crystal clear waters and beautiful sand. Most hotels are situated right on the beach, whilst others are set back and have a more relaxed air about them. Be sure to wander into the towns and not stick exclusively to your resort and you’ll find backstreet bars, cosy little restaurants and a whole host of individual shops.

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