Erawan – Waterfall Paradise in Asia

Erawan is national park located in Kanchanaburi Province in western Thailand. Park covers an area of 550 square kilometers of high mountains and valleys. The major attraction of the park is undoubtedly the multi-level waterfall, one of the most powerful and beautiful not only in the country, but also in South East Asia.

A waterfall named after the erawan, the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology. Mountains around the park protect the area from the eastern monsoon resulting in a low average rainfall. In summer the weather is sweltering, but it is cool between November and February. There are also four caves in the park: Mi, Rua, Wang Bahdan, and Phartat.

Beautiful forest covers about 78% of the park with Pterocorpus macrocarpus, Hopea odorata, Afzelia xylocarpa and Spondias pinnata being some of the widespread tree species. It is also possible to find dipterocarp, dry evergreen and bamboo forest.As for animals you may catch a glimpse of elephants, gibbons, Siamese hare, flying squirrels, eagles, white-eyes, king cobras or pythons. There are also about 80 species of bird.

Via: Worldnationalparks

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