Top Things To Do in Kyiv

Top Things To Do in Kyiv | Kyiv in Ukraine is situated in the Eastern part of Europe though it has a pretty large history- 1 500 years it is a fabulous place to have fun.

First thing to be done in Kyiv is to check out its architecture. Due to the age of the city it has one of the most beautiful cathedrals and churches. The best example of such- is Pecherskaya Lavra which is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. This place is a little town that includes churches, monastery and caves that have hallows of saints that date back to the 6th century. Pecherskaya Lavra is itself wonderful; one will be amazed be the luxurious church decorations and wonderful museums like Ukrainian Treasures and museum of Miniature that has the world smallest book and chess. All in all it will take you at least day to explore this wonderful place.

Pecherskaya Lavra Monastery

The best way to continue your exploration is to go to Kyiv museums. There are at least three of them that will not be found anywhere else in the world. The first one – is a museum of Great Patriotic War also known as Second World War. Unfortunately, it won’t give you any sort of entertainment but it will greatly inspire you and teach you to appreciate the life. This enormous three floor building has more than 20 000 exhibits that belonged to The Soviets and Nazi. Countless documentaries and pictures are combined with material facts of the world cruelest war. Something like glows that were made out of human skin and soap that was done out of the children’s fat will leave an impression on everybody. Despite, the sad moments the main aim of the museum is to emphasize that we live in a better peace world.

Museum of Great Patriotic War

After you saw what a hero city Kyiv is you can go to the best museum of western arts in CIS. Khanenko museum is a two stored building that was donated to the city together with a great collection of paintings. The building was constructed in 19th century and is absolutely beautiful. Four meters ceilings and the walls are decorated with the luxurious hand-made wall-papers, lusters and fire places are left untouched after the owner’s death all together there are more than 20 000 paintings and statues that include such world masterpieces as Velasquez’s “ The portrait of Margarita ” and many more that were done by Rubens, Rembrandt, Zurbaran etc.

After you have visited so many cultural spots you probably want to have fun. Pubs, cafes, night clubs and every restaurant in Kyiv have it all. The best pub to be checked is “Golden Gate Irish pub” that has delicious beer and very qualified English-speaking service. The best bar-restaurant is Buddha-Bar that is associated with only one word –gorgeous. This place has the best drinks and absolutely stunning design. If you are travelling on a budget the best local place is “Zdorovenki Buli”. The food is tasty, fresh, fast and cheap. Though it is difficult to find a free spot you will not regret if you try its special pizza.

Altogether, Kyiv is a very interesting, historical and fast developing city. It has everything that you need and a little bit more. Enjoy your vacation.

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