Ayia Napa’s Best Adventure Activities

Ayia Napa’s Best Adventure Activities | Ayia Napa is known across the world for it’s beautiful beaches and buzzing nightlife. It is perennially popular with the young clubbing crowd of Europe, and low-cost holiday providers like On The Beach operate year-round Ayia Napa holidays, catering to the huge demand. But it isn’t all about partying. Easily the most action-packed place in Cyprus, Ayia Napa offers a lot to the more adventurous traveller looking for some hair-raising thrills on vacation. Here, we present our top three adventure activities on Ayia Napa.

Bungee jumping in Ayia Napa by .Martin. on flickr

Bungee Jumping

In the world of bungee jumping, few clubs are as respected as ‘Bungee Downunder‘, Ayia Napa’s very own centre for hurling oneself from a great height. Situated on the beach at Nissi, Bungee Downunder have been terrifying tourists since the early 90s by dropping them off a 200ft crane with only a length of cord between you and a watery grave. Many heavier jumpers get a little dunk in the Med as they reach full-stretch – but this comes as a relief in the heat of the day. An impeccable safety record (with over a million successful jumps), Bungee Downunder also offers live entertainment and barbecues at their site to add to the experience – and give you something to do while waiting your turn (though I would save the burger ‘til after the jump!).


The stunning scenery and warm temperatures in this part of the world make cycling a pure pleasure. All the main roads have bicycle lanes, and there are excellent coastal routes specifically designed for bike treks. Some are rugged terrains intended for the more hardcore mountain biker, but there are plenty of gentle routes for the casual cyclist. Bicycles, accessories and maps can be rented from the island’s many clubs. Some clubs run guided tours for those not wishing to take their chances alone.


Paintball is popular throughout the world, but was actually illegal in Cyprus until 2004. Since then there has been an explosion of paint, with no less than four licensed paintball fields operating on the island. Perfect for a memorable holiday adventure, paintballing is a big hit with the young set who want a day off the booze and sun.

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