Top 5 Nature Places Must Visit in Malaysia

Top 5 Places Must Visit in Malaysia | Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. The country is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, which plays a large role in politics. Its tropical weather where sunshine, hot temperature with showers could be expected throughout the year. Malaysian people are warm, friendly with smiles on their faces throughout the year. So what’s holding you back from booking your flights to this amazing country? If you visit Malaysia, there are 5 nature places that you must not forget to visit.

1. Cameron Highland

(Credit: Google images)

2. Taman Negara

(Credit: Flickr hjxkarim)

3. Pulau Tioman

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4. Pulau Langkawi

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5. Pulau Perhentian

(Credit: Google images)

15 responses to “Top 5 Nature Places Must Visit in Malaysia”

  1. Beautiful pictures on this site.

    It really entices me to visit these places. I’ve been to Singapore, but not Malaysia. I have always been told that Malaysia is a far more interesting place to visit. This post certainly makes me want to check out the country.

  2. Malaysia is quite amazing. We loved Langkawi, but missed the Perhentian Islands due to the Monsoon season…Also, I hear Borneo is quite amazing with its breathtaking nature.

  3. Excellent post. Very inspiring. We need more of this. I’m personally hoping to write a book of my own media activism experiences, to help inject some more optimism and hope into the world.

  4. Pulau Tioman looks so damn gorgeous! It seems like it’s all worth the travel across the world! I would love to visit that place one day! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. When talking about Malaysia, u should focus in all… the kinabalu? Do u know where is Danum Valley? What did u find in Imbak Canyon? How big is Mulu Cave? What can u find in Niah Cave? Is it only the penensular when about MALAYSIA?

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