Month: May 2012

  • Budget Traveling

    Budget Traveling – Everyone must be looking forward to save while enjoying their travel, especially in a rough economic time such as the one we are currently in. Many people have stopped taking vacations regularly, and others have stopped traveling completely. But travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some tips on how you […]

  • 5 Clean Street In World

    5 Clean Street In World | Are you a clean freak? Maintain your high standards on the road with these 5 super shiny cities, ideal for a germ-free vacation!

  • 5 Mathematical Buildings In World

    5 Mathematical Buildings In World | You may have come across some spectacular buildings, but have you ever stopped to wonder why they’re built that way? Math and architecture cant be separated , Its need calculation to build spectacular building, Miscalculation will lead disaster and wasteful.

  • Top 5 Public Bathroom

    Top 5 Public Bathroom – When you’re traveling, it’s inevitable for you to have to use the public bathroom, and most of the time this is not a very pleasant experience. There’s either graffiti on the wall or the flush isn’t working and the place reeks. Some public toilets don’t even have locks for their […]

  • Infinity Pools

    Infinity Pools – Infinity Pools is a special type of swimming pool, in which one end is lowered so that one gets the impression that the water would disappear into nothingness, or the endlessness. In fact, the water runs into a real reservoir lying below the infinity pool.

  • Top 5 Magical Place Around The World

    Top 5 Magical Place Around The World | Wizards, sorcerers, hobbits and goblins. This maybe the stuff of fairy-tales but you can bring magic to life! Visit these breath-taking magical destinations and live out your own travel legend!

  • Is This Real ?

    Is This Real ? | I found an interesting about this article. The bridge is the highest and longest that has even built. Its believe that this bridge is higher than Eiffel tower and above the clouds. A movie Mr. Bean Holiday! was film here. Mr. Bean was driving his car across this bridge in […]

  • Travel Gadget To Make Enjoyable Flight

    Travel Gadget To Make Enjoyable Flight – If you have a long flight coming up you are most likely to dread the time you will have to occupy. And if you have children traveling with you on the flight you will most definitely need things to make the time go faster, make the time to […]

  • Unique Building – PART 2

    Unique Building – PART 2 – During its development, human made ​​building materials from industrial or man-made raw materials are taken from nature. And here are the second list of unique building that is interesting to know. You can click on the link below this post to read Part 1.

  • Unique Buildings – PART 1

    Unique Buildings – PART 1- Buildings are houses, buildings or any facilities, infrastructure or infrastructure in culture or human life in its civilization as well as bridge building and construction and design. Generally, a civilization of a nation can be seen from the engineering building techniques as well as facilities and infrastructure are made or left […]

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