Wedding with the Penguins at Underwater World Langkawi

Wedding with the penguins at Underwater World LangkawiLangkawi is a very well-known island in Malaysia. It is also known as the Jewel of Kedah as it is part of Kedah state. Langkawi is said to be a heaven for shopaholic as it is a duty-free island which is what traveling is all about apart from relaxing the mind, body and soul. Being one of the most visited place in Malaysia by both the locals and the tourists, Langkawi have many destination of attraction to draw the attention of its visitors eyes. Underwater World Langkawi is one of them. It is one of the largest marine and aquaria of hundreds of fresh water creatures. With 34,701 square foot oceanarium, Visiting to Underwater World Langkawi provides the tourists with a one stop shopping, eating and entertainment package as it is located adjacent to a shopping centre and cafes nearby.

Underwater World, Langkawi

To boost up its attraction for the tourists, Underwater World Langkawi had organised an event that is slightly different from the other. On 10th of May 2012, they held a wedding ceremony for Underwater Wold staffs, three of them, with penguins!

The event banner

Couples waving at the crowd

Time to feed the penguins!

The couples sit on makeshift dais while being witnessed by the penguins inside their tank. The couples were then to feed the penguins with their food while sitting inside the penguins tank. They performed the ceremony with two different species of penguins which are African penguins and Rockhoppers.

This event make it through the Malaysia Book of Record

This event is one of the event that is recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records. The wedding in the penguins tank last for 15 minutes and the couples were of course accompanied by the Underwater World staffs in order to ensure the couples safety and to make sure that the event went smoothly as they are dealing with penguins. Nevertheless, everything turned out smoothly and the wedding ceremony is a huge success for Underwater World Langkawi.

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