Top 7 Strange And Bizarre Amusement Park In World

Top 7 Strange And Bizarre Amusement Park In World | Not many people love to visits strange and bizarre place but its will take your curiosity to go here and see for yourself about why this place is build. Lots of strange amusement park in this world. Its will catch your attention to visit some of place are mention below. Some people love to visit amusement park that are strange because its kind of unique place.


 1) Ocean Dome (Japan)

Leave it to Japan to create the largest indoor simulation of a day on the beach. The beauty of it is that it can be enjoyed and delightfully discovered no matter how warm or cold is outside.The best way to enjoy it is to take advantage of a unique replica of natural display of power from waves, a volcano that erupts every hour and a dome clear sky ceiling that makes you think you are enjoying tropical weather even in winter.

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2) Nintendo Amusement Park

Like it’s not strange enough to be a grown up addicted to Nintendo games, here comes a park ready to let you experience exactly the same games live. It may sound cool and it may be safe but surely spending time in such a place can only underline that you have a funny taste in experiencing gaming.

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3) Bon Bon Land

Nasty looking passion of presenting nasty impersonations of the animal kingdom in a very vivid representation, this one can actually get you unpleasantly surprised. Still you wouldn’t believe how many are eager to see a dog fart or pee, among the many crazy rides and noises.


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4) Alien Apex Resort

Located in Roswell, a known spot for alien related events, this one is the place for the fans of alien life to enjoy themselves. One can get abducted here, enjoy the resort and have fun. Strange enough is that anybody would want to…

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5) Grutas Park

Like the communism was not enough, they went and built a park around it. Lithuania believed that the “Stalin world” is a place to remember the misery communism brought to the deported. Funny, how many find the extremely doctrine statues and features amusing.

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6) Korean Love Land

Supposing a very explicit experience for newly weds this one is very disturbing. Not only that it is too closer to pornography but also that it’s mighty obvious with its content and message. It may be funny to see once in a life time but otherwise is just a huge mixture of sexual explicit material.

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7) Suoi Tien Park

Buddhist theme park, this one comes with Bible like story, heaven and hell, a lot of realistic thrills and of course some weird fun involving bats, crocodiles and crazy rides. It is a cool experience for adrenaline fans and it can really be something you would like to visit as a young person.

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