Top 5 Thailand’s History Place

Top 5 Thailand’s History Place | Thailand is filled with well-preserved ruins from past centuries. These five places are the country’s top destinations if you’re interested in delving into Thailand’s history.

1) Ban Chiang

Ban Chiang, near Udon Thani in Isan, is home to the oldest prehistoric bronze-age settlements ever found in Southeast Asia. Since its discovery in 1966 scientists have dated pottery fragments, bones and other artifacts discovered in Ban Chiang as far back as 2000 BC. Visitors can walk through the excavation sight and tour the Ban Chiang Museum’s collection of skeletons, pottery, and other objects found here.

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2. Phimai

The Phimai temple in Nakhon Ratchisima Province, Isan, marks one end of the ancient Khmer Highway connecting this amazingly well-preserved, massive sandstone sanctuary to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The Thai temple was built by King Jayavarman VI when the Khmer empire extended into Thailand and is an excellent example of Khmer architecture at its best.

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3. Sukhothai

Thailand’s first independent state made its capital here in the Northern part of the country. Though power soon shifted south to Ayutthaya, well-preserved ruins at Sukhothai Historical Park are a testament to the Kingdom’s strength. The quiet park, in an otherwise sleepy part of the country, is a great place to explore over a weekend and there are a handful of boutique resorts to stay at and direct flights from Bangkok on Bangkok Airways.

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4. Ayutthaya

Before Bangkok was founded, Ayutthaya reined as the Kingdom’s capital city for over four hundred years. Ongoing war with the Burmese put an end to what was then considered one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world but ruins of the city’s many temples can be visited on an easy day trip from Bangkok.

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5. Bangkok

Bangkok’s historic center is home to some of the country’s most important sights, including the Grand Palace and Wat Po. Just over 200 years ago, Bangkok was a small trading town, but after Ayutthaya was sacked by the Burmese, a retreating general arrived to rebuild the Kingdom of Thailand. Soon after that the Rama Kingdom was established and reigns to this day. Most of Bangkok’s historic sights are clustered in the Old City and shouldn’t be missed.

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