Month: July 2012

  • Guangzhou City

    Guangzhou City | One of the town is popular in China with its own history for more than 1000 years old. Lots of temple, traditional house, mixed of modern around Guangzhou.

  • 5 Most Exciting Games In Universal Singapore

    5 Most Exciting Games In Universal Singapore | When we talk about Universal Studio Singapore, i bet you will be thinking of their extreme games that would takes your fear and makes will shrinking your nerves. A trip to this place makes your trip to Singapore complete. It’s so much fun, you would never want to […]

  • It’s More Fun In The Philippines

    It’s More Fun In The Philippines – Philippines have a sense of culture that is a combination of Eastern and Western cultures. The Philippines exhibits aspects found in other Asian countries with a Malay heritage, yet its culture also displays a significant amount of Spanish and American influences. And of course, you can find many […]

  • 5 Most Popular Island in Terengganu ( Malaysia )

    5 Most Popular Island in Terengganu ( Malaysia ) | To be honest, there are 7 island most popular that tourist has rated.

  • Unique Of Egypt

    Unique Of Egypt | Egypt ( Republic Arab of Egypt ) located at north africa‘s continent is a country that has the largest population in Africa. There were 80 million people live with the most earlier history on other country. A country that is interesting to make a holiday.

  • Walk Above Clouds in Langkawi

    Walk Above Clouds in Langkawi – Feel the experience of cloud walking while taking a stroll at Langkawi Sky Bridge. Unbelievably, this suspended pedestrian bridge has taken the world by storm. People are excited over this unique curved pedestrian bridge everyday. Suspended at 700 meters above the sea level, this spectacular sky bridge not only […]

  • Rice Terraces of Yuanyang

    Rice Terraces of Yuanyang – South West China’s Yuanyang is a province abundant in natural beauty and ecstatic scenery. It has earned great name in the list of scenic wonders due to its spectacular rice terraces. Dropping from near the summits of the 250-meter Ailao mountain range to the deep cleft of the Red river, […]

  • 5 Extreme Sports Must Try When Vacation

    5 Extreme Sports Must Try When Vacation | Are you bored vacation that just got activity such a visiting,relaxing and shopping?. You can add more exciting to the extreme. There are lots of extreme sport you can try. Feel the fear and adrenaline through your blood and nerve. Its challenged your mental and physical that […]

  • Five Popular Places in Bali

    Five Popular Places in Bali | Travelers are frequently surprised by how many places there are to see and how many things there are to do in the exotic vacation destination of Bali. For visitors staying at Ubud Villas, many of these top attractions are conveniently within reach. A number of exciting excursions and spectacular […]

  • Thing Forbidden In Planes

    Thing Forbidden In Planes | Lots of thing we see that has been seized before taking a planes. Few items that we see not dangerous but actually its illegal to bring. Its because lacks of knowledge and exposure about illegal things to bring in planes.