Top 5 Most Fun Destinations on Earth for Gap Years

Top 5 Most Fun Destinations on Earth for Gap Years | If anyone says to you that they have never wanted to take a gap year, they’re probably a liar or didn’t understand the question. Taking a gap year is probably the only time in your life you can be truly carefree, inquisitive and adventurous. Picking up and heading off into the unknown for a year is a luxury most people aren’t afforded in life, but if you do get the chance, grab it with both hands! Here we countdown five of the destinations previous gap year travellers have described as being the most fun they encountered. The world is a big place and there are thousands of places you could go and have a great time, but here are just five tips of where you can go and what you can do to get you on your way.

5. Working with wildlife in Bolivia

Bolivia’s wildlife is incredibly diverse, the sixth most diverse in the entire world according to studies in fact, and there are a great deal of opportunities to work in conservation projects and wildlife research facilities in this country. If waking up in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by natural wildlife, knowing you are going to be protecting what’s around you excites you, Bolivia is a great place to head. Whilst the term wildlife conservation might not fill you with the ecstatic rush you’re looking for; feeding a wild Tiger, tracking down a sick Lion in the jungle or assisting with an operation on an Amazon River Dolphin probably will. Animal conservation is very important work for the future of our planet, but it can be incredibly fun too!

4. Be a ski instructor in Canada

For the active amongst you, working for a season or even longer at a ski resort in Canada can be a dream come true. Getting paid to ski, to meet new people and experience life in some of the most beautiful mountains on Earth can’t be bad at all, can it? Most of the work is seasonal, and at the height of the ski season the work can be very demanding, but if you enjoy skiing, helping other people have a great holiday and learning new things, Canada is the ultimate destination. When else are you going to get the chance to have fun and earn a living at the same time?

3. Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand

It might be a bit of a mouthful, but Koh Phangan, one of the many islands off Thailand, is arguably the world’s best party destination. Every year, tens of thousands of people land on the island for the legendary monthly full moon parties, where the alcohol is cheaper than water and people go to dance all night long. Regularly attracting up to 25,000 people to just one party, it is something definitely to be experienced if you’re in South East Asia and looking for some fun.

2. Help kids in South Africa

If you do get to volunteer overseas during your gap year, you will finally understand how fun travelling can be. The satisfaction of volunteering in a community you’re travelling through is unparalleled and can really make your time overseas much more memorable, productive and fun. South Africa, particularly, is a very popular destination amongst young people who want to travel in an amazing part of the world, but give a little something back at the same time. Constantly ranked in the top three volunteer overseas destinations year on year; most people head to South Africa to work with kids in schools, orphanages or on sports and music programmes, or to work in wildlife conservation. Tigers, lions, giraffes and rhinos, as well as world class clubs and bars in happening Johannesburg, South Africa has it all!

1. Australia

With some of the best beaches, cities and people on the planet, Australia should be high on any gap year traveller’s list. It isn’t the number one most desired travel destination for British and American students for no reason! There are lots of opportunities for internships and volunteer work in the big cities, as well as on wildlife programmes in the bush and coastlines. Adventure travel is very popular in Australia with diving off the Great Barrier Reef or surfing on the famous Bondi Beach.

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