Five Popular Places in Bali

Five Popular Places in Bali | Travelers are frequently surprised by how many places there are to see and how many things there are to do in the exotic vacation destination of Bali. For visitors staying at Ubud Villas, many of these top attractions are conveniently within reach. A number of exciting excursions and spectacular days out are available, as well as the good dose of sunshine and relaxation that Bali provides. Five of the most popular places in Bali are particularly worth seeking out.


1. Ubud

Ubud as a destination focuses on the cultural aspects of Bali, offering a range of attractions that cater for visitors looking for local Balinese experiences. The dance and music shows, such as at Pura Dalem, are a big draw in Ubud, bringing many people along to view and even have a try themselves. The cuisine in Ubud, including the famed spit-roasted pig at Ibu Oka Warung, is also known for its high-quality. For a longer visit, accommodation in the center of Ubud or in one of the surrounding villages gives access to the sights and flavors of the city.

2. Denpasar

Denpasar is the capital of Bali and attracts plenty of visitors to the shops, temples, and museums. Many people come to love Denpasar for the city’s unique feel and for places such as Badung Central Market, which is full of local life. When shoppers tire of admiring the silk and gold on offer, the parks and sights, such as the Palace of Satria, provide a welcome distraction. Staying a little out of the city center keeps visitors away from the heaviest areas of city traffic.

3. Lovina

Noted for its fine waters and the opportunities for dolphin spotting from a traditional Balinese boat, Lovina attracts a large number of visitors for the sea excursions.  There are also a number of black sand beaches, and accommodation in one of the coastal villages in the area will provide convenient access to these. The coastal waters are calm, being protected by reefs, meaning that the area is very popular with families. Many travelers also use Lovina as a base for exploring further along the northern coast.

4. Padangbai

For many visitors Padangbai is perhaps the epitome of the Balinese small beach experience, well away from the largest crowds. Some people come to Padangbai for onward transport, as it is a busy ferry port on the way to Lombok. By securing accommodation in or near the small center of Padangbai, travelers can admire the picturesque bay and put themselves in a great position for some relaxed sunbathing. Blue Lagoon beach also boasts some excellent snorkeling opportunities.

5. Munduk

Away from the beach experience, Munduk is a small village that attracts visitors for the variety of treks that are on offer through the Balinese jungle. There are a number of plantations around Munduk, featuring crops such as vanilla and avocado, and treks also take in landscapes such as rice paddies and the Red Coral Waterfall. Accommodation near Munduk village puts these treks right on the visitor’s doorstep.

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