Best Places to Live on Earth: The Results

Best Places to Live on Earth: The Results | After reading an article in the Guardian recently about the top five places on earth to live, I was a left a little confused. In a world with over 7 billion people and over 200 countries, what does a town or city have to do to be crowned winner? This particular article talked of happiness of the locals, economic stability in the country and general quality of life, and whilst very interesting, didn’t get it quite right for me. I do agree with a lot of it, but since this is a travel blog, let’s simplify the results and talk about the good old weather! Where are the top five places on Earth to live because of their climate and lifestyle?

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5. Geneva, Switzerland

You mightn’t associate Switzerland with a great climate, but really, Geneva is a city that has it all. A fantastic city, constant economic stability for the last however many centuries and deliciously snowy winters all combine to make this a great place to live. The summers can be very warm and the air quality is notably good in the city, so Geneva might just be a great place to travel to, if not live in!

4. Toronto, Canada

If you want to live in a big city but not really feel like you’re in a big city, Toronto can offer you exactly that. Yes, there are lots of skyscrapers and urban sprawls, the CN Tower perhaps most prominent, but Toronto is still an easy and enjoyable place to live. The city is a cosmopolitan hub of culture and innovation, whilst retaining a very friendly feel, something that attracts many migrants year on year. The climate is also great. Yes, they have very cold winters with a great deal of snow typical for Canada, but the summers are very pleasant and the air quality is very good.

3. Sydney, Australia

No list of great places to live is complete without a mention of Sydney, and this list shall be no different. Why? It’s a hip and happening city with a huge amount of things to do, see and enjoy, but the weather is also second to none. According to a recent survey, Sydney has some of the happiest people in the world calling it home, and you can’t argue with a survey!

2. Hawaii, US

If you’re a fan of surfing, beaches and cocktails, the islands of Hawaii are a good bet. Made up of eight major islands, Hawaii is a diverse and luxurious holiday destination for many, but could also serve as a wonderful place to live. The quality of life is very high due to the relaxed, laid-back lifestyle but with all the additional benefits of being a U.S. state. Apart from the beaches, the great surf and the friendly people, Hawaii is a world centre of ecological interest, so you could enjoy living in one of the most beautiful parts of the planet!

1. Tenerife, Spain

If I had to give you one ultimate place to live based on the weather, the lifestyle and the landscape, it would have to be Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, without doubt. Because of its position on the equator, Tenerife enjoys year round sunshine and the temperatures very rarely drop below twenty degrees Celsius. If you think you would enjoy an afternoon on the beach in February, Tenerife might be for you.

Aside from the great weather, Tenerife is just a very nice place to live. The beaches are stunning, there is an active volcano to make the landscape even more exciting and the locals aren’t too bad either! If you’re looking for a holiday, Tenerife nightlife can provide all the entertainment you’ll ever need and the restaurants and bars are plentiful and varied too. Accommodation on the island is of a high standard and the Spanish Tourism Board is constantly investing new money and resources into making holiday resorts even more attractive. The capital of the island, Santa Cruz, is a particularly beautiful example of Spanish culture, architecture and lifestyle and couldn’t be further from the stereotypical view we tend to have of Tenerife as a place filled with Brits abroad.

Of course the list above is just my opinion and, this being the online world, I’m sure there are hundreds of people queuing up to disagree, argue and throw their ideas into the hat, so let’s hear it! Comment below with your favourite places you’d like to live based on the climate and get involved in the discussion.

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