Amazing Street Arts – PART 1

Amazing Street Arts – PART 1 – The term street arts is used for images of disrespectful teenagers spray painting profane, obscene or even nonsensical yet somehow amazing graffiti on a previous clean wall, the art form of graffiti from the street artist has come a long way. Not only do these artists, and they are artists, have the task of avoid being caught in many cases, they must also deal with weather conditions and less than ideal canvases for their work. A certain amount of respect must come from their desire to let their art be seen even among these harsh barriers to their pictures.

We hope you learn a little more about these pioneers of street art, but in the meantime here are the street arts we think you should get to know.

1. Vhils Street Art


2. Roa Street Art


3. C215 Street Art


4. Metal Gassi Street Art


5. Hyuro Street Art


Source: TopTenz

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