Living in Malaga

Living in Malaga | Malaga is an extraordinary place, home to the likes of Picasso it has character, charisma and charm. Not to mention its immense amount of history and beautiful scenery. If you are looking to learn Spanish in Spain, I would definitely suggest you give Malaga a good think. At a Spanish language school in Spain you have the ability to learn Spanish within a Spanish environment. The best thing about learning a language in its natural environment is that you learn so much more than you would if you were learning it normally in a classroom at home. Trust me, if you spend for example 6 months in Spain learning Spanish your skills will improve much faster than they would in a few years learning at home for a few hours a week. Trust me, I know! The language surrounds you and it’s a great opportunity to explore a new country.

Beautiful view of Malaga

Head to Malaga and experience a whole new culture and way of life with plenty to see and do for example:

  • Sunrise/sunset- I have heard from various people that the sunrise or sunset in Malaga is exceptional. Sit in the sand and watch the sunrise as the sun appears along the horizon and the orange and pink skies take over, it will make anyone feel emotional!
  • The Cathedral- This cathedral on Calle Molino Lario oozes history and beauty, having lived through the Muslim era during the 16th, 17th and 18th Century is it still one of the greatest monuments in Malaga and is definitely worth a visit.
  • Nightlife- The nightlife in Malaga is very unique, I won’t even say anything, experience it for yourself…
  • Malaga Fair- The Malaga Fair held in August is one of the biggest and most popular in the summer, it has great magnitude and is one of the most exciting fairs that welcomes everyone.

Malaga has some of the most interesting and exciting events and activities not forgetting the beaches. Malaga has some of the most exquisite beaches so when you head there for 6 months try your best to go when the weather will be warm as you can properly enjoy everything the beautiful beaches have to offer.

Become Fluent

So it’s pretty obvious that heading to Spain to learn Spanish is a pretty smart idea and the best way for you to learn the language. If you want to further increase your skills and surround yourself with the language the best way is to stay with a host family. If you stay 6 months with a host family for international students you speak and hear Spanish 24 hours a day. You will have no choice in the matter, and believe me when you have gone through this process your skills will thrive along with your confidence. So have the full experience and experience the culture in the home of a real Spanish family.

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