Oh! Winter in London

Oh! Winter in London | Although known for its sights and sounds such as the Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey, it’s also known for having some of the greatest restaurants, hotels, bars and events in the world. London is full of great activities and sights and is one of the best places for you to improve your English. The English courses in London that are on offer are some of the best and allow you to truly experience London, could you really ask for anymore? Improve your language skills and explore everything London has to offer.

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We are all aware that the English weather is potentially not the best in the world, it’s cold temperatures, grey skies and rain are something to be reckoned with but do not let this stop you enjoying every moment you have in the city. Despite the fact that the weather may hinder some things the British are most certainly used to it and will do almost anything even when there’s a rainfall about to hit. Just make sure you have your umbrella ready! There’s still plenty going in winter in London for you to enjoy:

  • London Jazz FestivalThis will be an exciting experience for every jazz fan out there. Held in November this festival has some of the best jazz gigs and concerts around, with a diverse range of jazz styles that can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Afternoon Tea If you fancy something slightly up market and bit more sophisticated and typically British try going for some afternoon tea with friends or family and enjoy a beautiful cup of traditional English tea with some lovely cakes and other baked goods. And it’s a great way to get out the cold.
  • Southbank Christmas Market If you are around over Christmas time, one of the best markets to visit for the full Christmas excitement is the Southbank Christmas market. From mulled wine to roasted chestnuts you feel the Christmas magic warming you up amidst the cold.
  •  Chinese New YearLondon holds the biggest celebration for the Chinese New Year outside of Asia, for something completely different take a trip around Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and Chinatown to get the full effect of the festive celebrations.

Winter Wonderland

Despite the weather, London is a fabulous place to be in winter. The city comes alive as the preparations for Christmas are underway and there are always special events being held. If you are studying in London during the winter then click for more info here, you will not be disappointed; it is like a winter wonderland. London has everything on offer and you will always be doing something that’s for sure!

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