Top 10 Gadgets Travel Geeks Must Have

Top 10 Gadgets Travel Geeks Must Have | If you’re a travel geek who simply must possess the latest and greatest gadgets for all your nerdy needs then read on, as Mahlatini give you their top ten low down of what’s hot on the market.

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10. Scooting in at no. 10 is the Micro Scooter Suitcase! This handy piece of kit is a bag on wheels where the handle extends and unfolds a kickboard ready to scoot off to into the distance.

9. Feel the power…in your backpack! A great way to keep your phone and laptop’s ailing batteries well juiced while on the move; a Powerbag charges your electrical devices while they sit safely inside it.

8. ‘Watch’ out for no.8, it’s the future. The i’M Watch connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and transfers texts, calls and everything else directly to your wrist.

7. If you’re feeling lonely on your travels and need to see a friendly face, you can, through the magic of Skype. Have a chat while on the move via iphone, android, ipad and Windows Phone 7.

6. Relax, and let TripIt do the work for you. This app keeps you up to date on your flights, what’s coming up next on your trip and where you’re going to be staying. Very handy, exclusive to Android and iOS users.

5. Messy cables are no more with Aviiq Ready clips. Colour coded and extremely easy to use these stylish USB devices clip neatly onto your briefcase for easy access.

4. Travelling isn’t much fun without a good book to read along the way. But why take only one when you can enjoy hundreds at once? The streamlined Kindle is set to save on a lot of ‘book space’ in your luggage.

3. Chargepod is the ultimate in charging and adaptor technology. Compatible with over 3000 devices, this lightweight device can charge 6 of your electrical essentials at once and can include a smart travel pouch and multiple compact adaptors.

2. For those who sit at an airport panicking they’ll miss their flight, panic no longer. Gone are the days of frantically checking the flight board for updates, just check your phone instead. The handy flightboard app for iPhone and iPad gives you access to 16,000 airports across the world.

1. Our final gadget is only at no.1 for one reason: it’s straight out of a James Bond film. If you surface after a dive to find not a boat or scrap of land in sight, the compact Nautilus Lifeline can come in handy. Radio your location, which will be picked up by GPS or turn on the distress signal to alert emergency services.

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