Insights: How Travelling Has Changed

Insights: How Travelling Has Changed | Until a few decades ago, the thought of travelling abroad on holiday was something that very few people could do. However, the development of package holidays, growth of low-cost flights and the fact that disposable income has grown all prove that the world of vacations has changed immeasurably. A study revealed that, after turning 40, the average UK adult will have been on holiday overseas 13 times, but will have had 21 vacations at home. This suggests that, although going abroad has its charms, there’s still plenty of reason to go on a ‘staycation’, but why?

One of many great cottages to pick.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for that is the accommodation. When going on a holiday abroad, you’re more than likely to stay in a hotel. For some people, hotels are fine, but you might be limited in the food you can eat there, and they can be expensive. If you go on holiday in the UK, you’re able to choose from many different types of accommodation which offer something unique. If, for example, you stay in the peak district with, you could stay in a self-catering cottage, cook your own food and plan your own activities.

Another reason why holidays at home are general more popular is that travelling is much easier. When travelling abroad, you either have to catch a plane, boat or ferry, or at least drive very long distances if going from the UK to mainland Europe via the Channel Tunnel. However, holidaying in your own country allows you to travel the way you want, whether by car, train or coach. It’s also easier to get to your accommodation too.

Despite the fact that holidaying at home remains popular, people are staying in a number of different countries for their vacations. The most-popular destinations today are Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Australia and the United States, as they generally have warm, sunny climates that differ from that of the UK. However, more unusual destinations such as the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Japan and South Africa are growing in popularity with tourists, and it’s possible to catch a flight to any country in the world.

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