The Never-Ending Debate: New York vs. Boston

The Never-Ending Debate: New York vs. Boston | When we discuss teaching or learning English as a foreign language in the United States, there is an age-old debate amongst those in the industry: New York or Boston? Both are fantastic cities, steeped in cultural, political and, perhaps most importantly, educational prestige. Whether we are considering where to advise our students go to take an intense TEFL course or we’re looking for TEFL teaching jobs ourselves, there is very little to separate these two heavyweights, in my eyes at least. However, allow me to present a couple of the main differences between the two cities in terms of the TEFL industry and hopefully it will clear up a few misgivings.

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Why you might choose a Boston TEFL class

Boston is a fantastic city on the East coast in the great state of Massachusetts. Home to many a great college, university and, of course the great Harvard being just down the road, Boston is a city that has attracted the educational elite for centuries now. The city itself has a fantastic ambience and a high population of both academics and students, so whether you are a teacher of TEFL or a student of it, you will find yourself in undoubtedly good company. To compare the city with New York, I have to say that Boston has a quieter feel to it and takes life at a more relaxed pace, but the nightlife and buzzing centre is still there when you want it!

Why you might choose a New York City TEFL Class

New York, as a city, really needs no introduction. It has been known as one of the best, most exciting cities on Earth for an incredibly long time now, and if you’re a student looking to take a TEFL course in New York, I can’t encourage you enough to take that decision. It is the city that never sleeps and has an incredibly international feel: all very conducive to studying anywhere in the world…

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