How to Book for Twelve

How to Book for Twelve | Any sports team or large group that needs to travel can create something of a headache for the trip organizer.  Finding a hotel that can accommodate all the members of the party can be difficult, so in order to get the best deal it means ensuring that the booking is done as far in advance as possible.  There is no dispute that discounts are available, and most hotels are happy to give them if there are a certain number of rooms guaranteed to be taken.

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When will a discount be given?   

Most hotels will give a discount if a minimum of ten rooms are booked by a group.  Anything less than this is often not considered to be a group booking, and if a discount is given, it will not be substantial.  The discounts that are offered will vary from hotel to hotel, and there will be a number of factors that will affect the amount given.  The time of year is a major factor.  A group booking during a quiet period could bring a larger discount than at a busy time, as the rooms are more likely to be taken then.

For sports teams, dates for travel are often decided for them, so planning hotel arrangements could be a little difficult.  The travel organizer should speak directly to the staff at the hotel to find out what discounts are available at that time.  Hotels that have rooms to offer will be keen to fill them and will also be keen to stop a large group from booking elsewhere.  Discounts are also likely to be given by a hotel chain if the team travels regularly, as they can then expect that their hotels in other parts of the country will be used by the team again at other times.

Dealing with the hotel

It is possible to negotiate a little with the hotel staff.  If this is something that the travel organizer has little experience with, he or she should not be put off.  There is no harm in making enquiries, and the hotel staff will be used to it.  However, it is often the case that some hotels will not offer a discount.  If this is so, then there may be some extras that can be negotiated, such as free breakfasts.  Do not give away too much information, including how much the group is prepared to spend.  Hotel sales staff are trained to get as much as possible out of the customer, and if they sense that there is a little extra to be made, they will do their best to get it.

It is also fine to get quotes from a few hotels and use this information to negotiate the rates down.  The staff will not want to lose their business to another hotel and will work hard to keep the customer in-house, particularly if the booking is for a quiet time of the year.

Simple hotel booking is no longer just a case of reserving a room.  Customers are now in a very good bargaining position and can expect to be offered a variety of extras when they book a room, so booking for twelve people or more should definitely bring with it a few incentives, such as a reasonable discount.

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