Holidays – A Malaysian Experience

Holidays – A Malaysian Experience | Have you been putting off a much needed holiday? If you haven’t visited the East, now is the time to make that trip. You can contemplate on a colourful and an exotic holiday in the islands of Malaysia. Visit the exciting land of music and dance and try out some spicy cuisine that will have your palate asking for more. Head for the beach in your sarong, dance on some lilting music and go snorkelling in the deep blue sea. Lie around on a hammock and catch your beauty sleep. Head for the flea market and shop to your heart’s content. Go boating on busy rivers and enjoy the pleasant scenes. Replete with royal palaces and monasteries; this will be a holiday that you will never forget.


Malaysia has come up in a big way with its high standard of living and low poverty. Notice the well laid out roads and bridges and tall sky scrapers and the multicultural influences in terms of dress, language and cuisine. Malaysia attracts tourists all across the world to taste a bit of the Asian experience. Head for Penang “The Pearl Of The East” or Selangor the “Abode Of Sincerity”. Malaysia welcomes tourists with open arms and you will come away with a holiday to remember for posterity.

Deals you can avail: Before visiting Penang, one of the smallest islands of Malaysia, ask your travel agent for discounts. The online shopping offers are worth looking out for. You can try out at a gym, eat meals in restaurants, watch movies and visit a spa. Look out for some happening deals to make your trip a lot cheaper. You can look out for deals while shopping at the world class malls. If you are the outdoor types, go for deals for parasailing, golfing or snorkelling. You can avail of discounts up to 70%.

Eat to your fill: Take a break from the kitchen while you are travelling and taste the flavours of another land. Enjoy slurpy noodles and soups and delectable vegetarian and non vegetarian curries and rice. If you want, you can try out cuisines from other lands – Indian, Italian, French or African. Try out beverages, desserts and confectionary to your hearts fill. Go in for restaurant in Penang to avail of great deals at eateries. Explore the web for these deals for a delectable meal at a great price. Bon Appetite!

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