Top 5 Best Places in New York

Top 5 Best Places in New York | We live in a world where we don’t get time to see what is going next to us. Most of our families’ members complain that we never give them time. Now it is your chance to give your family a great surprise. Plan a trip and enjoy long lasting moments with them. Feel the closeness and love they have for you. You just need to plan well and all is set. There are number of places to visit and one of them is New York. It always acts as a magnet and attracts number of tourist towards it. Few of the places that you can visit in New York are:-


1. Statue of Liberty

We all know about Statue of Liberty, the symbol of Friendship, Freedom. It attracts immigrants for all over the world for a better life and future.  It always being the landmark to New York and it provide a warm welcome to the tourist. Cheap flights to New York is there and this is the first thing that people see from the window.

2. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum

This Museum is another attraction in New York which is located on Ellis Island. Visitors today will enjoy learning about the history, as well as enjoying the voyage to get there by ferry through the harbor.

3. Central Park

When it comes to picnic the naughty child within us jump up. Whether it’s elder or younger kids every one like picnic and when it comes to Central Park in New York it is a complete package in itself. Cheap flights to New York is easily available and affordable to so you need to just plan well and with few expense it is all what you call fun.

4. Empire State Building

Tired of seeing tall buildings all around. Your neck is paining. Now no pain just visits Empire State Building and enjoys the epic beauty of New York From the top.  The 86th Floor Observatory offers visitors great opportunities to take their own photos, since you can take unobstructed photos of the view from the deck. You can feel that you are sitting in clouds and seeing the world downwards.

5. Rockefeller Center

One the best place to visit is Rockefeller Center. It is best place for kids and teenagers because it provide one of the largest Christmas tree and ice Skating the main attraction. Cheap flights to New York opens ways for you to get closer to your family and enjoy with them.