How to Enjoy the Sea on a Holiday in Brittany

How to Enjoy the Sea on a Holiday in Brittany | There are many reasons for taking a break in the beautiful French region of Brittany and the sea if definitely one of the main ones. This part of the world is famous for its coastline and if you want to enjoy a break with a maritime flavour to it then there are few better places you could go to.

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Eat Well

You are going to expect great food anywhere you go in France and Brittany won’t let you down. The best news of all is that if you stay somewhere relatively close to the sea you can take your pick from some wonderful seafood based dishes. The fish and other types of seafood which are sold here are generally locally sourced and incredibly fresh. With such a strong tradition of eating out in the country it will be no surprise to you to see a huge number of excellent restaurants no matter where you go. If you want to eat well and taste the real flavour of the sea then this is an excellent place to do it in.

Take In a Festival and Some Culture

There are some excellent sea related cultural events which you could include in your Brittany holidays. For example, the Fêtes Maritimes de Brest and La Route du Rhum are races which pass through here every few years.   A lot of the region’s top sights and museums have a sea influence so you can expect to find out more about the proud maritime tradition in Brittany if you take in some culture while you are there.

Take Part in Some Water Sports

If what you really want to do is get active and get out on water then there are a number of ways of doing this in Brittany. Whether you want to take part in kayaking, windsurfing or catamaran sailing you will find that all of these sports and more are easy to do in this part of the world.  Some of these water sports are more popular in some parts of the region than others so it makes sense to do some investigation before you go if there is one type of sport you are especially interested in.

Go Camping     

The final point you need to consider is where you will stay. This is an incredibly popular region with tourists and one of the most common types of accommodation comes in the form of camping holiday sites. These have a number of benefits and the fact that so many of them are close to the water is a big advantage. If you want an independent type of holiday in Brittany then a website like the Keycamp one will give you a number of top options to choose from.

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