Last Minute Holiday Deals for 2013 | Myth or Reality?

Last Minute Holiday Deals for 2013 | Myth or Reality? | Almost everybody knows about last minute holiday deals like for example a last minute flight booking. A booking might get canceled, this happens all the time, and if you are the first in line then you can get it really cheap. The same thing is for boats, hotels etc. and many people have seized these opportunities and have saved a lot of money while at the same time enjoy their dream holidays. The point is: Does it work now? Does 2013 offer those opportunities too or cause of the financial crisis the prices keep on rising?

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Well, yes it does! There are a many countries in the world that still offer such opportunities like Turkey with the beautiful city of Bodrum, Bulgaria with its amazing beaches like the Sunny Beach, the Susse in Tunisia and of curse Morocco with its amazing resorts Agadir and Marrakech. All these travel destinations, and many more, offer great last minute deals , they are not expensive at all and the beaches and luxury amenities are of high quality. They are really a value for money. I am sure many of you will say: “Turkey and Bulgaria? They are low quality countries”. Well, personally I haven’t been to Bulgaria or Tunisia but I have been to Bodrum in Turkey and I have no words to describe how amazing it is.

Some other might say: “If it is that cheap then it is of no good quality”. Well, actually there is an explanation for that and most people don’t even think about. Those travel destinations and their resorts try to keep their prices low firstly because their costs are low too and secondly because they want to be more competitive compared with other luxury destinations and tempt more people to choose them.

If you do your research online you will find many companies that offer great last minute deals like Thomson, First Choice and who suggests that the best time to search for a late deal is 8 weeks before your travel. I am sure you wonder why 8 weeks and why not 1 week before? Well the reason is because travel agents and offer their best deal 8 weeks before the departure or booking so you must at that time to have chosen your preferred destinations, have done your homework and be ready to book right away. If you wait for 1 week before your travel in case there is a better deal or even 7 weeks before then other people will take the deals before you do and you end up with nothing. So the point is that as soon as you see the deal that suits your needs then you must book immediately, no second thought!

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Another great advice is to start searching right now. And to help you out a little bit, you can start at the facebook page of where they offer a free voucher which worths £ 500! You can use that voucher for any destination you like and start your holidays right now. For more info you can have a look at their video here

What is also interesting is that for a limited time only you can get a £25 off with a voucher code on if you like their Facebook page and stay tuned for the latest last minute deals. Enjoy!

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