Discover Ibiza’s San Antonio

Discover Ibiza’s San Antonio | San Antonio is a resort name that has become synonymous with clubbing and its reputation certainly is deserved. However, it’s a big place and you need to know a little about the area before you book where you’re going to stay. That way, you’ll avoid staying in the place that is the heart of the action – unless, of course, that’s what you’re looking to do.


There’s also the timing of your trip to take into consideration. If you want to be in San Antonio when the whole place is at its most exciting, then book your holiday for July, August or early September. This is when the main events will be going on in the clubs and around the island in general. There’s a good reason that it’s called peak season! However, if you want to have a little more peace while you’re in the resort, then go to San An’ during May and June or late September or October. It’s never particularly quiet and there’s always an international community in San Antonio – with as many people coming from countries such as the UK, Holland or Scandanavia as those of Spanish descent.

The town is divided into three different sections.  There’s the West End, which is really popular and always buzzing. It’s the real hub of the clubbing scene. Then there’s the Bay area, otherwise known as Cala de Bou, which is where you’ll find a huge choice of bars and restaurants as well as places to stay. There are hotels aplenty here, like the Rosamar Ibiza. All have great facilities and you can pick and choose to find one that has everything you want or need, yet fits your budget. Finally, you have the Sunset Strip, which, surprise, surprise, is the best place in town to watch the sun go down. There are lots of great bars along here where you can sit outside and drink a beer or a cocktail as the sun sets.

Before you book your accommodation in San Antonio, make sure you know exactly where it is, how easy it is to access the beach and the shops and restaurants. A little forward planning can really go a long way in making your holiday a success.