The Joys of a Break in Florida

The Joys of a Break in Florida | Florida is known as the sunshine state and for good reason. With a sub-tropical climate it is rare to encounter temperatures that drop too anything lower then moderate. Basically it is 100 x 400 miles of flat, sandy terrain where the terrific climate is just one of the many attractions on offer.


The beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are shallow and you can often swim out for quite a long way while encountering only moderate waves. This is ideal for family fun in Florida.

What is the Best Way to See Florida?

The Southern tip of Florida is largely comprised of swamp and tropical jungle. It is hot and humid in the summer and is better known as the Everglades. It is still a strong attraction for many families who want to see the varied and fascinating wildlife. Special hover-crafts are an exhilarating way of seeing the area, or you could take a canoe if you are particularly brave. The Florida Keys is an Archipelago of islands that stretch out and are located close to some more traditional resorts.

The Magic of Orlando

But the one place that attracts more tourists than anywhere else is central Florida and, more specifically, the city of Orlando. Visiting Orlando really is the most effective way to get the most out of your trip to Florida.

If you are looking for a family holiday where the kids are in their element then you need look no further. Sea World, Wet and Wild, Nickelodeon Studios, Universal Studios, and Walt Disney World are just some of the key attractions which are based in this region. No wonder Orlando Airport is the busiest terminal in the world over the course of the summer. Over one million people are employed in a tourism sector that stretches about ten miles down Route 4, in the south west of the city.

If that is not enough then Daytona Beach, famous for world speed-record attempts, is only an hour away by car. There is also Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy space centre if you are keen to get away from all the beaches and children’s attractions.

Pre-booking tickets for events, unless you like queuing for hours, is definitely a good idea and it is also wise to take plenty of money as it is a shopper’s paradise. Rent a base, there are plenty of villas with large pools, you will need it after a full day of walking around to see all of the sights and sounds on offer.

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