Learning English in Malta to Complement Your Future Trips

Learning English in Malta to Complement Your Future Trips | If you have a passion for travelling, you’ll understand the importance of communication during every stop on your trip. You will also understand the value of speaking a language which can be understood by a huge number of people the world over. English, as a major world language, is one of the few languages which can help you get by almost anywhere in the world.


Something as simple as understanding a menu or ordering a coffee can be turned into a real challenge without a common language. English is spoken, either as a first language or a second language, by a huge proportion of people all over the world so chances are there is no cause for concern when travelling with this skill in tow.

When visiting a country for the first time, most travellers are keen on getting to know the culture, traditions and customs of that country and being able to communicate with the locals can make this possible. Knowledge of English can give you the confidence to approach strangers for information as well as the communication tools to fully appreciate what you’re being informed about and offer an opinion or comment in return.

Travellers the world over agree that the appeal of visiting different countries and cultures is to enjoy new, exciting and interesting experiences. This appeal, however is greatly enhanced when these experiences can be shared with new friends. Travelling gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are willing to both share your experiences and exchange details about their own adventures. If you can communicate in English, you increase your opportunities to meet new, exciting people along your journey, whether that’s making a friend for life in a Thai hostel or simply enjoying good conversation in a Sydney backpackers bar.

So how to acquire these English skills so vital for travelling? Why not combine an English course with a journey of discovery and come to the charming island archipelago of Malta? Language holidays in Malta are becoming increasingly popular, not least because the island boasts an intriguing mix of culture, sports and beautiful weather but also because English language schools are closely regulated by the Maltese authorities meaning a good standard of teaching is maintained. One such school, Maltalingua, is reflective of the island of Malta itself, priding itself on a relaxed, friendly atmosphere set in a recently refurbished, colonial building overlooking the vibrant St. Julian’s Bay. Maltalingua is offering English learners the chance to win a free, 2-week English course, simply enter the competition.

With English skills an invaluable asset when travelling and Malta a destination as beautiful as it is fascinating, a language course at Maltalingua is a perfect way of enhancing your future trips.