Experience Nuremburg in Germany

Experience Nuremburg in Germany | A historically important and charming city, Nuremburg is worth a look for anybody thinking of visiting Germany.


Inventors, Toy-makers, Artists

Nuremburg is known as a “city of wit”, being a home for innovation and research, and one of the top tech regions in the country it is home to over 2.5 million people but is famously a city of toys and toy-making, with its Spielzeugmuseum or toy museum one of the most comprehensive in Europe.

Set in the middle of the old town district, it houses the biggest train set in Europe, as well as a huge collection of dolls houses and toys modern and old. The city was also home to the 15th century artist Albrecht Durer and his residence is on display to the public, with various attractions inside including a painting and printing workshop from the time.


Along with the toy museum, Nuremburg is home to a fine collection of museums.  For example, the Neues Museum which houses interesting works of contemporary art and design with a stunning modern building. The Natural History Museum provides collections at the other end of the scale, including exhibitions on early man, prehistory and even the local cave systems.

If you fancy going underground, the Felsengänge or rock-cut cellars take you into the depths of the cellar vaults of the hill, hewn out of the rock beneath the castle. Oh yes, it wouldn’t be a German city without a Schloss, and the Kaiserburg provides a fantastic insight into the Holy Roman Empire and life in a German Castle town. The views are stunning from the top and the Kaiserburg Musuem houses one of the finest collections of medieval suits of armour and weaponry you’re ever likely to see.

There are also some medieval dungeons to explore, a railway museum, a science museum and of course the Documentation Centre of the Party Rally Grounds and Nuremburg Trials Memoriam, both of which let you discover more about the more unfortunate side of the city’s past.

Getting there

Getting to Nuremburg is easy directly – cheap flights are your best option – and bus routes pass through the city for internal connections once you’ve arrived. If you are travelling from Berlin, you can go via bus or train but be warned the journey may take a while.

Accommodation is easy to find too, with hotels and hostels found throughout the city. Just don’t forget to try the local Lebkuchen! | Brought to you in association with Flybe

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