How to Get the Most Out of a Family Holiday

How to Get the Most Out of a Family Holiday | Planning a holiday is an exciting time and it’s wise to involve each and every individual involved when choosing a destination and creating an itinerary, especially with family holidays.


You need to pick a destination that has something to offer everyone but catering  for a holiday party with a wide age range can be difficult. So, how can you get the most from your family holiday?

First and foremost

Prior to boarding the plane, it’s imperative that you have travel insurance in place. Investing in family cover such as family travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance may offer a better deal than buying into a single cover for each member of the travelling party.

Nobody wants their holiday to end in chaos and taking the time to protect yourself with insurance is an easy way to help give you peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your holiday.

Create an itinerary

Unless you’re familiar with the place you intend to visit, it’s wise to create a travel itinerary. This will allow you to plan each excursion, dinner date and place of interest in advance so that you don’t miss anything whilst there.

A happy medium

An action-packed itinerary may keep you all busy but it’s important there is time to relax scheduled in too. Holidays are about balance and you won’t feel the benefit of your time away if you spend the whole trip running yourself, and the kids, ragged.

Something for the kids

If you’re travelling with young kids, choose the resort with care. Some hotels are designed primarily for couples of teenage parties so it’s important that you look into this and choose somewhere with a family-friendly atmosphere. Resorts with a kid’s club are also popular as they ensure there are plenty of safe on-site activities for children to enjoy while parents and older travellers enjoy some downtime.

Make it an adventure

If your family holiday is one of your main holidays each year then it’s important to make it a getaway to remember. Choose a destination which boasts a range of exciting activities, culture and scenery as well as experiences which are sure to last a lifetime.

A good tip is to get each family member to write down something they’ve always wanted to do and then look for a destination or resort which ticks as many of these boxes as possible.