What To Inspect In Used Motorhomes?

What To Inspect In Used Motorhomes? | The market is loaded with used motorhomes. Just type in second hand RV or motor home in your favorite search engine and you will come up with endless number of sites claiming to have the best collection of these used vehicles. Needless to say, not all of them will have the same quality of the motor homes or the same customer services. As a customer, you should be careful as to make the right choices when buying a used RV. Let us take a look at what aspects to keep in mind when buying a used motor home.


One can sure get a used motor home, at a fraction of the price, but can end up losing a lot of money too if you do not make careful inspections.

Look for Damage due to Water and Sun
Common problem areas in a used RV are due to widespread problem of damage caused due to sun and water. Look for obvious water stains on the ceiling or the spongy interior wall covering and the floor. As these vehicles spend maximum time outdoors, the direct sunlight can fade the interior and exterior materials. Plastic fixtures can become brittle.

Check the Tires Carefully
The tires may look fine, but you need to inspect carefully. If they are more than seven or eight years old, they soon be cracking and may come apart, especially at top speeds. Therefore, make sure that you invest in a RV with good tires.

Make Sure there is no Faulty Plumbing
Freezing temperatures can damage the plumbing in the motor home if it has not been winterized. This can lead to leaking waste tanks and other issues with plumbing.

Inspect for any Defective Appliances
Most sellers will downplay any broken appliance or faulty fixtures.  Therefore, you need to make sure that every appliance in the metronome is in a good working condition. Don’t be misled by what the seller says. Repairs can be expansive later on.

Examine Carefully for Any Rust
Rust too is a big enemy of the motorhome and is often caused by the moisture creeping from the ground and into the undercarriage. The rust can spread to frames and brakes, corroding them and making them inoperative.

There is no harm looking at used motorhomes as this is a great way to save loads of money. You just need to be careful and be sure that you have made the right inspections and asked the right questions, so as to avoid making expansive mistakes.

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