A Guide To Perth For Adventure Travelers

A Guide To Perth For Adventure Travelers | Perth – vibrant, glorious, colorful, and multi-cultural – no wonder that it’s such a hot tourist magnet. There’s another reason why people visit Perth. Adventure! Thrilling, adrenalin-high generating adventures of a lifetime. Here are some we’ve handpicked for you.



How about a 60 –minute intro lesson on kiteboarding at Rockingham, Perth? You’ll be learning how to kiteboard with the pros, soaring 40 feet above the water, riding perfect 8 foot breaks in 15 knots wind speed! Go ahead, push the boundaries – fight gravity and feel the freedom of airlessness.

Rally Driving

How about 8 lap drives and 1 hot lap of real-to-goodness rally driving at Bakers Hill, Perth? For a half day, you’ll be driving a competition-prepared Impreza WRX or Lancer Evo 8 high-octane laps. Then you’ll enjoy 4 hot laps sitting beside a professional who’ll really put the turbocharged WRX or Evo through its paces.

Extreme Whale Watching

Experience the fastest, most powerful whale-watching experience at Fremantle, Perth. You’ll not be ambling behind the fast whales at boring 8 knots. No – you’ll be on a fast jet boat, out into the no-speed restriction zone, speeding at 75km/hr, as it pushes out 25 tons of water per minute via twin jets. Your jet will speed you to where the whales frolic about in the water and you can enjoy frolicking with them.


Tandem skydiving over the Rockingham beach at Perth is a special treat. Treat yourself or someone you love – but do sign up! The amazing free-fall from 14000 feet, for all of 40 insane seconds at 200km/hr is the reward for your daring. Enjoy the no-less-than stunning views over Perth’s CBD, its amazing beaches and all the lovely islands – Penguin Island, Garden Island, Rottnest Island and Cockburn Sound.

Motorcycle Track Day

Bring your own bike to participate in the motorcycle track day at Barbagallo Raceway, Perth. Forget about the pothole-filled, traffic-clogged roads. Let your bike have the freedom it desires on one of Australia’s best racing tracks. It’s an amazing chance to win the race, learn some tips and tricks from the Marshals and other riders and feel your engine’s true power under you!

Full Day Paintball

If you thought paintballing was only for kids, you couldn’t be more wrong. At Muchea, Perth, you can experience paintballing at amazing movie-set quality game zones. Want to be a tomb raider? Wrestle with enemies for the right to ransack giant stone pyramids? Want to do the wild west thing? It’s the no-holds barred adventure of a lifetime.

V8 Race Car Driving

What wouldn’t you give for an 8 lap drive and 2 lap ride combo on a real V8 supercar at Perth International Airport? Feel the adrenaline rush and soul-stirring roar of your brand new, six-speed V8 Holden Commodore, the mind-bending acceleration and power grips. Take your V8 through the tracks, hairpin turns, curves and bends and top it all with the 2 instructor-driven hot laps that’ll leave you panting!

4WD Off Road Driving Course

Sign up for a thrilling 4WD off-road driving course at Perth International Airport, and get to know the true power of a 4WD! Learn how to deal with sudden curves, huge sand dunes, bumpy bushland and clingy beach sand.

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