5 Awesome Honeymoon Trips

5 Awesome Honeymoon Trips | Traveling for any reason is fun, but traveling for your honeymoon? What a blast! Let’s look at 5 of the most popular types of honeymoon trips.


1. European city: Rome and Paris are standouts for this type of trip, as both have the reputations of being incredibly romantic cities. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Also yes. While people in these cities do usually speak English, it’s advisable that you learn a bit of the local language as that shows that you’re being respectful of their native tongue. The food in both cities is also outstanding so you cannot go wrong with either choice.

2. A Local Beach
: Many honeymooners opt for saving money on flights and driving to a local beach. Another benefit is that you can pack your vehicle full of food and cook while you’re there. Many companies offer great deals on weeklong beach house rentals but some beaches are known for their amazing hotels and resorts. Myrtle Beach is a standout Southern American beach that offers live entertainment, plenty of shopping, and gorgeous sandy beaches.

3. A Cruise: Cruises are usually all-inclusive although alcohol is not always provided with the ticket price. You can go all out for a room with an oceanfront balcony or save money for the amazing cities that you dock in for the day. Plenty of honeymooners have enjoyed Bahamian and Caribeean cruises where they can do things like swim with dolphins, hike, or zoom through the trees on a zip line. If you like warm weather and a variety of locations, a cruise is a great option.

4. An All-inclusive Resort: There’s a big trend in package vacations amongst all inclusive honeymoon resorts. These have special activities geared towards honeymooners and as with any all-inclusive package, the food tends to be spectacular. Many of these resorts have special activities that are designed for couples, so if you’re looking for a romantic get-away this might be a great option.

5. Disney!
You don’t have to have children to love a Disney trip, and plenty of honeymooners visit every year. Epcot is especially popular with those just married as it’s like visiting a host of different countries in one small trip, and the food there is amazing.

No matter what you choose, just make sure that you’ll have plenty of activities, access to great food, and somewhere with nice weather and you’re all set!

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