Main Attractions of the Caribbean

Main Attractions of the Caribbean | There are, quite literally, hundreds of islands in the Caribbean. This tropical region is one of the most visually stunning areas in the world and itʼs no surprise that millions of tourists vacation there each year. Holidays to the Caribbean have it all – beauty, nature, and a rich history to explore. Here are some suggestions for what to see and do when youʼre traveling in the breathtaking Caribbean Sea:



With so many gorgeous beaches, cliffs, and coral reefs located throughout the Caribbean, deciding where to go can be tough. St. Barts, home to the white-sand – and nudist-friendly! – Anse de Grande Saline beach, boasts some of the most pristine shores. For those looking for more activity than simply lounging on the sand, head to the Anse de Colombier beach, a quiet cove accessible by hiking.

St. Barts is known for its luxury, beach-side resorts and villas, so if youʼve got a generous budget, consider staying right on the water, as the views can hardly be rivaled. Itʼs no wonder celebrities from across the globe flock here each year!


The Caribbean also boasts gorgeous scenery and nature elsewhere. The regionʼs coral reefs, in particular, are home to thousands of different marine species. The natural habitat and biologically diverse wildlife of the reefs can be explored by snorkeling from a number of different islands.

Bonaire, an island off the north coast of South America, offers some of the best snorkeling around. A protected coral reef surrounds the island, providing many snorkeling and diving sites. Head to the Bonaire Marine Park to see a variety tropical fish and even seahorses! Night snorkeling is also an option.

Water-based fun

While you may stay on land, heading to an island is all about the water. Water sports, including surfing, sailing, kite surfing, parasailing and kayaking are popular throughout the Caribbean. Due to its rich variety of underwater wildlife, it has also been called one of the very best regions in the world to scuba dive.

Tobago, with over 60 dive sites available, and ʽThe Blue Holeʼ of Belize are certainly two of the worldʼs best diving locations. Walkerʼs Cay in the Bahamas offers guided dives where you can feed the local sharks and the wreckage of the RMS Rhone ship, off the coast of the British Virgin Islands, will give you a glimpse into the areaʼs history.


With so many islands and nations involved in the region, the Caribbean has a rich history and culture. Head to the Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica to learn more about the reggae legend, or explore many of the archipelagoʼs links to its pirate past; Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, offers many walking and boat tours, as well as the Pirates of Nassau interactive museum.

 The Caribbean offers beauty and history, both on land and at sea. All you have to do is decide which island, or islands, to see for yourself!

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