The Most Beautiful Villages in Barcelona

The Most Beautiful Villages in Barcelona | Barcelona is a lovely city with a lot of attractions such as the Sagrada Familia. However, that is not all Barcelona has to offer. This time we will make a short list of the most beautiful villages in Barcelona which can be useful especially for tourists but also for natives. You do not know what to do on a Sunday? Having a day off and you want to get away but do not know where to go? Here we will try to give you some ideas!


Montserrat is a rocky massif, the largest mountain in Catalonia where the sanctuary and the Benedictine monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat is located.

Sitges is a coastal town in the province of Barcelona, internationally known for its film festival. Browse the beautiful old town, enjoy its beautiful beaches and finally enjoy its atmosphere. You will not regret the experience.

Vic has one of the most important medieval towns in Catalonia and offers different places to see that have been part of its history such as Roman temple, medieval castle and more. Vic is known for many things in addition to one of the most important medieval fairs in Catalonia. Something traditional about Vic are their sausages.

Tavertet is a pretty medieval village by the Generalitat declared of cultural interest. It is ideal for people who like hiking and in their surroundings can contemplate beautiful scenery decorated by waterfalls and cliffs.


Mura is located around Barcelona. ​​Mura is a village which retains its medieval charm. It’s a picturesque village with beautiful natural surroundings.

Berga has an impressive old town built in the 1360s. If you came to this town you’d find points of interest and great tourist attractions such as the Sanctuary of Queralt.

Castellet i la Gornal is a very beautiful village dominated by a castle, one of the most picturesque and historical sets of Catalonia. It has an impressive medieval core with beautiful views across a swamp.

Caldes de Montbui is located just 35km from Barcelona. ​​Caldes de Montbui is a beautiful village where water is the main protagonist, being the first spa town of Catalonia, as its name suggests Caldes = Warm; name given by hot water coming out of their land within 74ºC. In its beautiful old town today the ancient Roman baths are preserved with the symbolic lion source among other resorts and attractions.

Rupit is a popular medieval town in the province of Barcelona located about 100km from the city. Browse its beautiful streets and enjoy your surroundings. There are many hiking trails in the vicinity and one of the most popular goes along the river and leads to a popular waterfall called Sot de l’Infern.

Cardona is a medieval town in the province of Barcelona near the border with Lleida. Its main attraction is the fort located on a mountain above the village. In it we can find the salt mountain and its museum.

Castellar de N’Hug is a small town in the Berguedà, about 140km from Barcelona. This village is especially known because one can visit the birth of the Llobregat river here. If you take a trip here you can also visit the Artigas Gardens of Gaudí in Pobla de Lillet.

The options are many but only some of the ideas to realise in Barcelona. If you happen to be there, every single one of these villages is worth the time with their picturesque beauty.

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