Is Missouri a Great Destination for Adventure Travelers ?

Is Missouri a Great Destination for Adventure Travelers ? | Where do you think of when you’re planning an adventurous vacation in the great outdoors of a US state? If you hadn’t considered Missouri then think again because you’re missing out on a great destination for adrenaline-filled sporting activity.


So why don’t more people know about what Missouri has to offer? Maybe it’s because they go to what they consider to be well-established vacation destinations and don’t bother to look around. Missouri is well recognized in its own right as a place for excitement, thrills and spills, so here’s a taste of what you can do:

Sport on the Water

You’ll find a great choice of things to do on Missouri’s waterways. You can take a speedy Jetski out on Lake Ozark, or pick a deck boat or pontoon for larger groups to experience a calmer voyage among splendid scenery.

If you love canoeing and kayaking then you’ll find plenty of opportunities for some paddling fun. Try heading for the Meramec River, recently ranked as the United States’ 10th best river for canoe camping. The natural beauty of the panorama that slowly unfolds makes for an experience that’s enjoyable and rewarding.

Take to the Air

If you like getting a very different view of Missouri, you could take to the skies in a colorful hot air balloon from a number of locations in the state. There’s nothing quite like floating in the crisp, clear air with the occasional burst of flame from the burner the only sound that breaks the quietness. You have plenty of time to pick out all sorts of features of the landscape and it’s a genuine thrill.

For a very different thrill, head for one of Missouri’s skydive centers, assuming you’re keen on throwing yourself out of an airplane – with a parachute of course. After your training, you can usually choose to either jump solo or be attached to a licensed instructor. Whichever you choose you’ll probably want to do it again.

Staying on Vacation

If you’re playing hard by day and relaxing by night you want a place that is going to look after you, and Bluegreen Resorts provide a range of comfortable accommodations to suit couples or families in stunning, scenic locations. Check out the Bluegreen Resorts site to find your perfect resting place.

Make it Missouri

With its adventure attractions, not to mention miles and miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking, Missouri will welcome you in and you’ll find it hard to leave.

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