3 Vacation Types — and 6 Destinations — Fantastic for Furry Children

3 Vacation Types — and 6 Destinations — Fantastic for Furry Children | It seems that blog after blog is dedicated to helping families with children navigate the wide, dangerous world of summer vacations. Tips and tricks help parents soothe and excite their kids during travel, and there is ample advice for where to go and when. Yet, even with all this attention to family trips, precious little attention is paid to another type of devoted parent: pet owners.


Plenty of pet parents harbor deep desires to take their furry children on vacation, too, but not as many destinations are as welcoming to four-legged kids as they are to the two-legged variety. Though the Internet may not be chock-full of suggestions for pet parents, there are a handful of cities around North America that are unending welcoming to our furry friends. If you can’t wait to take your precious pup on summer vacation, grab the leash and a bag of treats and set out for any of the following dog-friendly destinations.

Outdoor Excursions

Most dogs like nothing more than a long walk, so taking then on an outdoor vacation filled with scenic excursions is an excellent idea. Canines usually excel at rugged activities like camping and hiking, so destinations renowned for similar adventures are ideal. However, when you are isolated in the wilderness, you should be sure to have all the supplies your pup needs, including clean water and dog food.

Arizona is nearly a year-round outdoor playground: In the desert, winter temperatures rarely dip below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while Northern Arizona summers are enjoyably mild. There are thousands of campsites around Arizona, most of which offer a peek at the extreme diversity of this Southwestern state. You can take your pooch to Sedona, where the red rocks are legend, or you can head down near Tucson, where the desert scenery is lush and beautiful. You can even pitch a tent near the densely forested Grand Canyon.

One of the top three most beautiful natural settings on the continent, British Columbia — the Canadian province just north of Washington state — is bursting with outdoor adventures excellent for a furry friend. Though the season only lasts from May to September, as cold Canadian temperatures throughout the rest of the year make camping and hiking difficult, during the summer, the landscape explodes with potential activity, including multi-day back country treks through dramatic landscapes.

Refined Adventures


Not all dogs look forward to the outdoors; in fact, plenty of pooches obviously prefer a lavish stay in a well-appointed hotel room to a weekend in the woods. For these spoiled pups, a more refined destination is necessary.

There is nothing quite as luxurious as relaxing on a beach, and California has some of the most dog-friendly seashores in the country. If you are looking to shower your dog with splendid, satisfying sunshine, you can’t miss any of these sandy shores:

• La Jolla. Ecologically protected for its unique coves and sea life, this beach is quaint and clean.
• Pismo Beach. Dogs are more than welcome at Pismo, where there is much more for furry kids to do than lay out on the sand.
• Huntington Beach. Though Huntington has been a popular beach spot for decades, you can’t miss its pier, which offers excellent shopping and lounging.
• Malibu Surfrider Beach. With entertaining surfers to watch, you and your pup won’t tire of this gorgeous beach.

Meanwhile, Ontario offers one of the best wine trails on the continent. The Niagara Region is renowned for its fertile land and mild climate, both of which are necessary for growing superb wine grapes. Nearly all Niagara wineries are open every day for tastings and pairings, and most offer outdoor seating welcome to Fido and Fluffy. Plus, the rest of Niagara Falls is open to pooches as well, so you both can enjoy deluxe lodgings and sophisticated fun.

Urban Exploration

A city break is usually a quick, easy, refreshing vacation, and usually, urban centers are just as comfortable for dogs. However, some cities are more dog-friendly than others, so you should research an urban area’s canine regulations before packing up the car.

Austin, Texas is proud to be one of the most pup-tolerant places in America. The Lone Star capital has a liberal attitude toward pooches, which means dogs and their owners can travel almost anywhere together. Most retail establishments have exceedingly loose regulations about pups: As long as your furry child is well-behaved and friendly, it should be welcome indoors.

A city growing in popularity due to its fun and funky atmosphere, Portland is another dog haven. You and your pup can travel — on food or by bike — to any of the metropolis’s unique neighborhoods for a look at Portland’s extensive diversity, traversing the city’s hundreds of lavish green spaces in the process. When it’s snack time, your pup can refuel at any of Portland’s 26 devoted dog bakeries.

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