Must Visit Restaurants in Rome

Must Visit Restaurants in Rome | You cannot discover what Rome has to offer in terms of food and cuisine in a single trip, because you may just barely scratch the surface even after living and eating in the great city for years on end. However, although you cannot experience it all, why not embark on a culinary adventure that will be the absolute best and most memorable for years to come?

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Although it may be tempting to visit the big landmarks and eat exclusively in the historical center of the city, but if you want to eat the best food, you will have to start small. Often, the small establishments and roadside cafes are the best restaurants in Rome in terms of food and can be found in abundance, beyond the ancient city’s 3rd century dated Aurelian Walls, where the vast majority likes to live, eat and shop for food.

Dinner amid Ruins:

Flavio al Valavevodetto

You will find Testaccio’s Monte dei Cocci resembling a heap of ancient trash, albeit in a much classier form. The man made hill is formed with the help of terra cotta jugs, which people in Southern Rome used to carry and store olive oil, wine and condiments, while traveling to distant cities in the Empire.

Today, that same heap of ancient vessels is home to a number of restaurants, Flavio al Velavevodetto being one of them. This is an eating establishment that serves seasonal Roman classics.

Good Food near the Pantheon:

Armando al Pantheon

With the prime location of being situated less than half a block from the Pantheon, expect to book this restaurant well in advance as its location near the most popular tourist attraction in the city causes a large number of patrons to come in and enjoy an afternoon here.

The owners of the restaurant are none other than the Gargioli family, who has ensured that only seasonal and good quality ingredients are chosen for every dish made with the restaurant.

A Real (Wallet-Friendly) Osteria:

Osteria Bonelli

There was a time, when the very word ‘osteria’, used to signify a simple eatery, serving simple food, and a single glass for wine and water both. Now, when the word is uttered, in not only sounds trendy but has also been adopted by the more posh restaurants in Rome.

Creating simple fare and bringing it to a whole new level is what Osteria Bonelli is best known for.

Classic Rustic Roman:


Considered to be the city’s most beloved chefs, Arcangelo Dandini is a man who has embraced traditional and seasonal recipes that are the most prevalent in the Italian capital. Although not an inhabitant of Rome, the chef has truly made the recipes his own.

The dishes created in L’Arcangelo are mostly inspired by the chef’s time, spent working in various family members’ home kitchens and restaurants within the city, but he also recreates specialties that were prevalent during the Roman Renaissance.

Rome has countless restaurants and it’s up to you to decide which experience you want to opt for, so make a reservation in advance and enjoy a great meal.

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