The Finest Eat-Outs in Amsterdam

The Finest Eat-Outs in Amsterdam | If you are looking for some fine restaurants in the city of Amsterdam, then you have come to the right place. The following is a collection for some excellent restaurants and hotels that will help you in having a great culinary experience while you are on your vacation.

Some of the most spectacular eat-outs in Amsterdam are:

Van Kerkwijk


This is a burger bar with a twist – each burger is named by the drag queens that perform in the outlet. Their website also has many videos catching the edgy performances for viewers to get entertained by. The bar is termed to be a free attitude zone and provides for ample opportunity for the visitors to be who they are. This means that you may take your gay date here as well. The staff is friendly and relaxed and the food is just perfect.

Van Kerkwijk

Located down the Nes, the Van Kerkwijk is the place to be if you love restaurants with an edgy feel. Not one of your run-of-the-mill eateries, the place is fantastic both in terms of the environment and the food. The restaurant does not take reservations as it has a lot of customers to cater to at all times. The restaurant is at a tangent to the norms of the society: so not expect a menu and the waiter will just come over to you and recite the names of the various dishes available.

De Zotte

This café is the center of attraction for all beer lovers. The menu is also delightful because it offers a wide array of dishes for its customers. The café has the best meat dishes in town but do not worry if you are not a carnivore; as there are plenty of veggies you may enjoy. The location of the café makes it the perfect spot for a date for a lazy autumn evening.

Restaurant Azmarino

If you are East African and have been experiencing difficulty finding the food that suits your preferences in the city, then we have the perfect idea for you. This café offers a wide range of cuisines that are true to the East African soul. The décor is comfortable and cozy and provides the ideal setting to unwind in. Expect your food to be served in huge platters the base of which is pancake! This is soaked in a wide variety of dressing and juices. You will be able to enjoy poultry, lamb and beef along with some of the most exquisite desserts from the world of Africa.

With a wide spectrum of cafes and restaurants present here in Amsterdam, you are sure to have a wonderful vacation in the city. This is the perfect way to have an outstanding holiday in one of the most beautiful locations in Europe.

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