5 Best Places To Get Winter Sun

5 Best Places To Get Winter Sun | The winter months can be cold, miserable and depressing. However there is a great way to beat the winter blues and its called “sunshine”. Jump on a plane and within a short space of time you could find yourself in a place where there are sun-drenched beaches and lots of happy, warm faces. A break in a sunny destination has to be the best way to escape the cold. Here are 5 places that will bring warmth to your winter and leave you feeling healthy and refreshed.



When you think of Ibiza you probably think of thumping nightclubs, but come the winter months the SuperClubs (Space, DC10, Eden, Es Paradis etc) close. The island becomes a more chilled place. Although Pacha is still open at weekends, so if you did want to let your hair down you can. The beaches remain glorious all year and the villas in Ibiza are as fabulous as ever, and much more reasonably priced! In the summer Ibiza is the perfect place to party and in the winter it’s the perfect place to chill.


The winter is a fantastic time to visit as the weather is still warm and it’s far less touristy. The great beaches, restaurants and tourist attractions are open for business too! The best places for sun are The Algarve, Madeira and Porto Santo. If you’re a golfer you’ll know all about The Algarve, but there’s loads for the non-golfer to do as it is such a vast resort. You will also find lots of great deals on villas in Portugal at this time of year.


The best way to describe Miami is “sun-blessed” as the sun always shines on it. It’s such a fabulous city too, so diverse and fun. They say the party never stops in Miami and the infamous South Beach area doesn’t waste much time on sleep. The beaches and restaurants in Miami are great and the city is an arts and cultural hub. You may even bump into a celebrity or two. If you’re tired of the cold and want to have fun in the sun, Miami is the hot destination!


Sun-worshippers love the Caribbean Islands as the sun shines all year round. The most popular islands are the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Martinique, Cayman Islands and Isla de Mujeres. They are a great place for “all-inclusive” deals and to take the family, as most resorts on the islands are family-friendly. If you want white beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, rain forests and wildlife, this is the perfect winter getaway for you!


This bohemian paradise was once a Portuguese colony. It is also the warmest place you can visit north of the equator during the winter. Away from the stunning beaches there are vibrant markets and fantastic restaurants, offering a smorgasbord of cuisines. The nightlife is also great – after a day on the beach you can hit the clubs and party all night long. There is something for everyone in Goa and it’s all so hippy-dippy nice!

To escape the rain and snow you need to head to where the sun shines all year round. So put away your jumpers and scarves and pack your swimsuit and sunglasses and treat yourself to a large healthy dose of winter sun.

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