Places in Morningside Heights You Need To Explore

Places in Morningside Heights You Need To Explore | Located on the Upper West Side, many people refer to Morningside Heights as the “Greater Harlem.” Some people also refer to it as “SoHa,” which stands for South of Harlem, all these are its present names. In the 17th century, it was known as “Vandewater’s Heights.” Due to the several universities and learning institutions located here, its name changed to Morningside Height.


Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Barack Obama and some others once lived in this neighborhood of Manhattan. Today, this neighborhood is full of young professionals and college students. Owing to this, you will see many cafes, and eateries all filled up to the brim with students who sit and read while eating and drinking their coffee. Even though this neighborhood has a sizable young population it is surprisingly quiet at night compared to the other neighborhoods of Manhattan.

If you are looking for a well priced Vacation rental in Morningside Heights,aside from visiting the amazing café’s, restaurants, and attractions. Let’s look at some places you need to explore in the area .

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

This cathedral is one of the famous ones in New York and it is place of prayer for people who seek leadership and intellectual light. It serves the community through a series of cultural, civic, and liturgical events. Pastors deliver motivational speeches and educational activities and also preserve this historic and magnificent architectural site.

More than thirty times in a week, many people from different communities and faiths come here to attend the services and worship together. With so many people coming in almost every day, the kitchen serves about twenty five thousand meals every year. The main aim of the pastors in this cathedral is to prepare the young students to be future adult’s leaders by nurturing them with educational experiences while respecting nature . The Cathedral hosts summer and after school programs, as well as exhibitions, concerts, remembrances, reflection, and other aspects that keep people busy and joyful.

Amsterdam Avenue

With students everywhere, the prices in cafes and eateries are cheaper with an array of snacks and meals that you can enjoy. Amsterdam Avenue in Morningside Height is a popular street, which has many local restaurants, bars, and modern eating lounges all having a unique ethnic flavor in their menu. One of such places you should visit is the Hungarian Pastry Shop, which has been catering to the “sweet” needs of people. Here, you will find sumptuous baklavas, cakes, pastries, and other mouth watering treats.

If you want to have some quality time with your dear ones at night time, you can visit the Ding Don Lounge, which offers fun activities like playing a game of billiards, and drinking tasty juices and a few beers. If you want to enjoy some snacks, you can also grab a bite of the sandwich and different other snacks that they have.

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