Techniques for Obtaining the Best Rate at Holiday Inn

Techniques for Obtaining the Best Rate at Holiday Inn | Holiday Inn is so pervasive that it seems like there’s one in basically every decently-sized town in the world — or at least the United States. It’s a favorite among budget travelers because of its low prices and perfectly acceptable accommodations. Holiday Inn is actually pretty affordable even if you don’t have a discount, but discounts can always be the difference between a good deal and a great deal. There are about five ways to get a good discount at Holiday Inn.

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The InterContinental Hotel Group, or IHG, is composed of nine hotel brands. Four of them are Holiday Inn-related — Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Resorts and Holiday Inn Club Vacations. The InterContinental Hotel Group has a rewards program, called IHG Rewards Club. It’s free to sign up for and it applies to all nine brands in the group. Staying in the hotels earns you reward points, and you can use your points for free nights. They also run special promotions sometimes. IHG had a partnership with Coca-Cola, for instance, called “Share Forever,” where stays at IHG hotels earned you points and free nights that could be kept or shared with friends and family.

AAA, or the Automobile Association of America, offers roadside assistance and other car services. One of the best things about being a AAA member, though, are the significant discounts on all things travel. From theme parks and car rentals to restaurants and, yes, hotels, AAA memberships tend to pay off. Holiday Inn offers discounts to AAA members. These discounts are typically pretty small and depend on the date and location of your booking, but it’s a good way to save some money even if you’re booking at the last minute or directly at the location and don’t have any points saved up.

If you’re planning ahead and can book super early, you’re at a huge advantage. Hotels prefer to fill up early because last-minute stays are unpredictable and can’t be counted on. Stays that are booked far in advance are more reliable. To encourage early booking, Holiday Inn offers a “Book Early and Save” rate, which can save you up to 30 percent off regular rates. Thirty percent is obviously a huge discount and is very hard to beat, so if you’re planning your trip pretty far ahead you should definitely take advantage of this discount.

You should always check discount hotel sites before you book through a hotel directly, in case there’s a better discount available. You also want to make a habit of checking more than one discount hotel site. is the industry leader and has been around the longest, but is another good source to check. There’s also a mobile app called Hotel Tonight if you’re looking for, you know, a hotel that night. Of course, pretty much all of the available sites are partnered with Holiday Inn, because it’s so huge. Always remember to compare the “discount” price you’re seeing on these websites to the regular price available on the website, because sometimes the Holiday Inn site can beat those prices, especially if you’re in the “Book Early and Save” period. If you need a new computer, tablet or mobile phone to more effectively conduct this web research, Best Buy has tons of promo codes and coupons that you can use to purchase these devices at a great price.

It’s not very likely and it’s definitely not something to rely on, but you can always try to negotiate. The ideal conditions for negotiation are when you go in to book a room for that night and you see that the hotel is absolutely dead, and likely empty. Ask to speak to the manager and you may be able to negotiate a better price. If the hotel is pretty empty, they may be interested in improving their vacancy rates for the night. Plus, if it’s late enough, they may be willing to take a discounted rate as opposed to taking zero dollars for an empty room. There can also be a higher likelihood of getting a good discount if you’re willing to stay in a worse room. Partially renovated rooms, older rooms and smoking rooms can be examples of these.

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