7 Safety Tips For Horse Trailers

7 Safety Tips For Horse Trailers | If you are in the horse trailing business, you have probably heard several frightening stories when whole carriages tumbled down bridges and both animal and human lives were lost. There could be nothing more frightening than this. So what cause these accidents? According to a research conducted by USRider, the main causes of wrecks have been operational error, poor maintenance and equipment mismatch. When you look at the loss, accidents feel more of irresponsibility on part of the owner.


If you are buying a new horse trailer or have one in your possession, here are some safety precautions that shouldn’t be ignored.

1. Driving carefully

This might feel to be needless point to put here but most accidents have happened when vehicles were driven too fast. In the lieu of attaining speed, several drivers have crashed into the side of roads or had to put immediate breaks, causing the horse trailer behind to slip through. It is advised that you drive as if there were a cup full of coffee on your floorboard throughout the journey. Also, it is necessary that you stay under prescribed speed limits and maintaining the following distance from the cars in front of you.

2. Don’t use your cell phone

If there’s a phone call coming that you can’t ignore it is always good to stop your vehicle smoothly on the side of the road and take the call. Talking on a cell phone while driving is being considered as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol.

3. Safely pull over

When pulling over, it is important to understand that you aren’t just controlling a single vehicle but also a trailer behind. The horse trailer will have its own speed and might not stop with your vehicle. Sudden brakes are thus a strict ‘no’.

4. Using headlights

If you are travelling at night, make sure your headlights are fully functional and that you have full visibility of your surroundings.

5. Load balance

An unbalanced loaded trailer can easily overturn in the slightest curves. It is advisable that you load your heaviest cargo on the left side of a horse trailer. If you have a single horse to carry, hitch him on the left side. If you are looking to carry more animals, go for dedicated models like three horse bumper pull trailers or others. After you have properly loaded, make sure that all doors and hatches are totally secured.

6. Periodically replace your tires

Driving a vehicle with a trailer is not the same as driving the vehicle alone. With more weight, there is more pressure on the tires, both of your car and the trailers. You will have to further calculate the drag friction. Regardless of the mileage, it is advisable that you change tires every three years or so.

7. Regular maintenance

Lastly, it is also necessary to get your trailer and vehicle services frequently. This will take care of any loose bolts or jammed hinges.
We are sure that you take good care of your horses and value them for their life. Never think of the animals as your load but as living passengers.

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