Top 8 Caravanning and Motorhome Myths

Top 8 Caravanning and Motorhome Myths | Although caravanning or staying in a motorhome isn’t for everyone, this style of holidaying certainly doesn’t deserve all of the negative myths it has acquired over the years.


After all, we’ve heard how caravan holidays are too stressful… every caravan park is the same…they’re boring…you won’t get a good night’s sleep…caravans are cold, you won’t be able to have a proper wash… need we go on?

But in fact, the above couldn’t be further from the truth! And we’re not just saying this because we love caravanning!

After all, the world really is your oyster when you spend your holidays in a caravan or motorhome – you can go anywhere you want, whenever you want. And staying in a motorhome or caravan doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on all those lovely home comforts that keep us all happy, content and warm inside – far from it.

Today’s motorhomes and caravans are kitted out with everything you could ever need to embark on your travels, anywhere in the world, in style and comfort. You really will find a newfound sense of freedom and flexibility when it comes to exploring new and exciting landscapes.

We’ve created a list of 8 caravanning and motorhome myths that we’re pleased to report are certainly not true!

Caravan furniture is old and boring

Before adventures abroad dominated our summer holiday plans, many of us would have spent our summers in caravans or motorhomes! In fact, we bet some of your fondest childhood memories were spent living it up in a caravan, without a care in the world, right?

And although the décor may not have always been up to scratch then, it doesn’t mean that it’s not now…

The interiors found in caravans and motorhomes have come a long, long way. Today, they are fitted out with caravan furniture that make it appear inviting, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. And if they’re looking a little dated and unloved, there are lots of ways that you can uplift the aesthetic appeal and function of your caravan.

The Air Sofa Bed is one of our favourite innovations! This self-inflated air sofa bed will allow you to enjoy ‘anywhere comfort’. It takes just seconds to inflate and even comes in a handy compact bag.

Cooking is a nightmare

Just because you’re staying in a motorhome or caravan doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to tuck into your favourite dishes, every day of the week.

There are a whole host of stylish hobs, kettles, and compact BBQ solutions that will allow you to cook and indulge in your favourite foods.

There’s no room for a TV

The unpredictable nature of the British weather often deters people from holidaying in the UK. But this certainly shouldn’t put you off staying in a motorhome or caravan, because if you do find yourself caught in a summer downpour, you’ll be able to take shelter and enjoy a film or your favourite TV show.

Lot’s of people think that there isn’t enough room to integrate a TV into a caravan, when in fact, many of today’s motorhomes and caravans come complete with TVs as big as 32inch.

You’ll either be too hot or too cold

A lot of people think that if they stay in a caravan or motorhome they’ll be too hot or too cold.

However, the vast majority of caravans and motorhomes now feature high performance heating and air conditioning systems that allow you to relax, unwind, and socialise in optimum comfort. So forget sweltering in the heat or layering up!

You’re so cramped

Don’t get us wrong, when you’re staying in a motorhome or caravan you need to be realistic about the amount of living space you will have, especially if you have a large family! This said, you will have a lot more space than you would in a cramped hotel room.

However, a great way to extend your living space is to invest in a Freeway Tall Awning, especially if you are looking to create extra bedroom space for the kids or in-laws!

You can’t use them during the winter months

Many people assume they will not be able use their motorhome or caravan during the winter months, when in fact, motor-homing in Europe during the colder months is continuing to increase in popularity.

From exploring new and exciting landscapes, through to camping in spots where you can enjoy a whole host of winter sports, travelling abroad in the winter with your motorhome has lots of benefits.

Motorhomes and Caravans are so expensive

Yes, this is true but if you’re thinking about buying a motorhome or caravan , you need to look at it as a long-term investment. Of course, you can’t put a price on the joy that comes hand in hand with having a space that you can enjoy with family and friends, whenever you please.

Of course you can also rent a motorhome or caravan as part of a holiday package.

You can only use them on campsites

Although the majority of caravan and motorhome owners prefer to stay on campsites, you’re certainly not restricted to campsite life. More and more people are choosing to take their caravan or motorhome to festivals and other unexpected spaces.

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