Decompress after a Stressful Year with a Ski Trip to Morzine

Decompress after a Stressful Year with a Ski Trip to Morzine | What a year 2016 has been. All those celebrity deaths, political turmoil, terrorist attacks- the list goes on. Though probably not the worst year ever, you’ve no doubt had your own struggles which have turned 2016 into a year you’d rather forget.

What better way to turn the year into one for the good books than by ending it with a much deserved ski holiday? We know, it’s an excellent idea. But when there are so many choices, how is it possible to know which resort you should go to?

Firstly, decide which Country is for you. Italy is best for beginners, whilst Switzerland offers some of the best skiing opportunities but can be very expensive due to its exclusivity. France, on the other hand, has a range of options to suit every budget and ability, and has both quieter and more lively resorts.

Morzine is the perfect choice for a person who wants a more peaceful ski trip, with the ability to head to busier areas for more skiing and dining options. It’s situated just down from the popular ski resort town of Avoriaz, and is located inside the wider area of Portes du Soleil, which is a vast skiing region that stretches over multiple Countries. All this adds up to a town that’s in the heart of skiing paradise, with over 650km of runs for every level, yet still in a quaint and quiet place. Perfection.

Start as you mean to go on

Your ski trip to Morzine doesn’t have to start when you arrive- with a bit of planning you can be enjoying the build-up for weeks before you go.

If you’re a novice skier, or you fancy brushing up on your skills, book some ski lessons in the UK to get you going. You can get excited for your trip every week as you learn new skills to try out on the slopes.

Take some time to eye up the best chalets in Morzine, and decide which one you’d like. Are you having a huge get together with family or friends, and are in need of a big, welcoming chalet for you all to bunk in? Or are you heading away on your own or as a couple, and want the most secluded place you can find? There are so many choices of beautiful, alpine chalets that you’ll love to stay in.

With so many chalets having saunas, heart-warming log fires and plush furnishings, you’ll be able to forget about a stressful year as you just relax and admire the dramatic scenery from your window.

When the time comes to step on the plane, treat yourself and book an upgrade or a lounge pass for the airport. You’ll start your ski trip as you mean to go on, and can enjoy be served by people going the extra mile.

Take time to unwind

Taking a ski trip doesn’t have to be all about skiing! In Morzine and across the region there are lots of ways to relax yourself that you may not have thought of.

So rarely in our daily lives do people take the time to pamper themselves properly. A spa treatment, naughty edible treat or bit of retail therapy goes a long way to improving the health and wellbeing of people, and helps them to destress. Morzine offers every way of relaxing that you could imagine, so after a particularly rough year why not take advantage and treat yourself while you’re away?

If it’s a spa treatment or two that you’re after, Morzine has them in spades. Many of the nice hotels, such as the Hotel Champs Fleuris and Hotel Le Samoyede, have gorgeous spas that you can visit. You can opt to use the facilities, which will frequently include saunas, steam rooms, hammams, swimming pools, hot tubs and gyms. Otherwise book in for a full pamper session and enjoy massages, facials, waxing, body scrubs, manicures, pedicures and more ‘exotic’ options such as ear candling.

You’ll be able to feel your stress and tensions melting away, and a good massage will help to alleviate the bumps, bruises and tight joints you may have gathered on the slopes.

Don’t fancy leaving the chalet? Not to worry! You can ask a massage therapist to come and visit you at home to help you feel like you’re having the VIP treatment.

Exercise is always a good way to unwind. You’ll certainly be burning the calories and the stress up on the mountain, but if you want something more soothing and reflective, a yoga or pilates session might be right up you street. Try the Mountain Rehab Spa for some relaxing classes.

Retail therapy

Sometimes there’s nothing better than buying yourself a big present to make up for a hard year. No doubt you’re worth the splurge. Morzine has a great range of shops to take your fancy: there are of course lots of lovely ski shops if you want to splash out on a whole new kit.

Alternatively, there are some sweet boutiques in town for you to enjoy perusing. If that doesn’t grab you, head to a bigger resort, such as Avoriaz, for a larger choice of places to shop.

Forget the stress with a thrill

You could literally wipe the stress from your brain by being brave and taking on an exciting and adventurous activity. As well as skiing, you can have fun on the slopes with snowboards, sleds and toboggans, or go mechanical with various different vehicles that are designed for the snow.

A snowmobile is a lot of fun, and it isn’t just for children. Instead of rushing down the hills, you can get the engine going and head uphill instead. You’ll be able to break ground that you can’t access on skis, and feel powerful without exerting lots of energy like you do when skiing. Plus, snowmobiles are just plain fun, and laughing has never made anyone feel stressed.

There are some incredible activities that can be done in Morzine- helicopter rides, heli-skiing, ski tours, skydiving and paragliding are just some of them. You’ll be able to explore the French Alps from high above as well as in depth on the ground.

There’s another activity that would be a perfect way to decompress if you want to be alone with your thoughts. Have you heard of snow-shoeing? You just pop a pair of snow shoes on your feet and head up into the mountains. You’ll be able to go to places inaccessible on skis, and walk on even the most powdery of snow due to the design of the shoes.

You may well find yourself completely alone on the mountainside, which is as good a place as any to reflect on 2016. Being in the midst of the wilderness certainly puts perspective on life.

Whatever you plan to do in Morzine, make sure it’s something that you love, and something that will make you feel relaxed. After a stressful, emotional or just plain hard year, it’s important to take the time to make yourself feel better and spend quality time with those you love. If your trip goes well, no doubt Morzine will be an excellent end to 2017 if you need it to be.

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