A Planning & Packing Guide To Traveling by Bus in Argentina

A Planning & Packing Guide To Traveling by Bus in Argentina | Natural wonders, bustling cities and a rich culture – Argentina is a massive country. The third largest country in the Southern Hemisphere is one of the best places to travel around in, and every city mirrors diverse cultures. Perched on a tranquil coastline and dotted with remarkable landscapes and rugged terrains, it’d be a shame not to travel around Argentina at least once.

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Of course, there is no better way to fully experience the splendor of the city than by hitting the road. Road trips allow you to feed that sense of adventure inside of you, and in just a few days you’ll be skiing down snow-capped peaks then sipping wine in vineyards.

To embark on a truly rich Argentinian vacation, you have to experience it on a bus. It gives you that absolute perfect balance between wilderness and sophistication, primate wonders and modernity, and adventure and luxury! In this article I will give you a guide on how to hack bus travel in Argentine, provide possible routes, how to get tickets , what you should not miss and how to pack.

How to Pack

Packing for a bus trip around Argentina might seem like a tricky thing to do. And it is! You’ll be spending most of your time from going from one bus to another and you usually don’t have much space to store your luggage. Apart from packing the essentials, you’ll need to be smart when it comes to space. That’s where packing cubes can be used to your advantage.

You can use packing cubes to store a significantly larger amount of items in smaller spaces as they can be compressed. This will allow you to get everything you need while saving space and staying organized. Choose from the best packing cubes here the ones you like most according to your preferences and travel needs. I’ve reviewed on my blog some of the best packing cubes so you can get a gist of what you’re going to be purchasing.

Why take a bus?

There are quite a few reasons for why you should consider taking a bus over any other means of transportation. The country firstly has an excellent and reliable bus network.

o Flights are a lot more expensive, thus making buses more appealing.
o Long distance bus travels are completely different than the ones you’d usually be used to. I’m talking a full-course meal with champagne and fluffy beds!
o It’s cost effective if you want to travel all over Argentina.
o You’ll skip the $140 entry-fee at the airport.
o If you’re going to go by bus, make sure to take a warm blanket or sweater. Your bus trip will be significantly worse as you freeze with the AC on full blast.
o Bus fares vary depending on the season, the class and the company.
o All cities have a central bus terminal with ticket windows.
o You will be rewarded with unparalleled fantastic views, scenery you won’t get on a plane, and sight-seeing opportunities without even leaving the bus.

What types of buses are available?

There are two types of buses available. The Colectivos are what you’d normally use to get around Buenos Aires. The micros are the long-distance buses and what you would use to get around all of Argentina.
There are three bus classes in Argentina: Semi Cama, Cama Executive and Cama suite. the differences are usually minor like the size and angle of how much your seat reclines, what types of meal you get and how many times you stop in the middle.

o Choose the coche cama for: wide seats, flat reclining and comfort.
o Chose ejecutivo for the ultimate luxury.
o Choose semi-cama for manageable seats.
o Choose the comun if you’re on a tight budget.

When to go to Argentina.

The peak season in Argentina is definitely the summer. However, remember that summer in Argentina runs from December until March, while the winter runs from June up until August.

o To visit Iguazu Falls and the Northwest: Winter (June-Aug)
o Buenos Aires: Winter (June-Aug)
o Beach resorts: Summer (Dec-March)
o Carnaval (Mardi Gras) in February

What not to miss.

Argentina can be quite overwhelming in terms of things you can see and experiences you can’t miss. You’ll need to set aside at least three weeks in order to see almost everything the country has to offer.
Here are some of the top places you have to try and fit in your itinerary:

Buenos Aires

Paris of South America! The ultimate place to start your ultimate Argentinean adventure. A city that so perfectly blends European grandeur and gorgeous architecture with a Latin flair. The city is a great place to start your adventure at, with wonderful gastronomic delights, nightlife to keep you up all night and shopping! You’ll find yourself wondering whether you’re in Europe or in South America with the hoards of well-dressed people and the European café culture.

El Tigre

For a more antique vibe, try heading to El Tigre by taking a day trip from Buenos Aires. It’s a vintage treasure trove with antique shops, a museum and an amusement park.

Iguazu Falls

Twice as tall as the Niagara Falls, it’s a dream-like experience to visit the Iguazu Falls. Thundering water rushing down, incredible scenery and dramatic backdrops all await you at the falls. They haven’t been called one of the natural wonders of the world for nothing. The best views can definitely be seen during rainy seasons when the water spills over the falls every second!


Mendoza is where you go to revel in gorgeous panoramic scenes and sip on really good wine. You get the nightlife, the general laid-back vibe that permeates over the city and fun days of winding down.


If you want to satisfy the adventure seeker in you, head straight to Bariloche. You have all types of outdoor activities, from skiing to trekking.


Quite literally the end of the Earth, the Ushuaia is a gorgeous town with a historic center and a jail-turned-museum.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Buenos Aires.
Day 2: Buenos Aires exploration day.
Day 3: Go for a quick day trip to El Tigre.
Day 4: Take the bus to Puerto Iguazu
Day 5: Explore Iguazu Falls
Day 6: Hike in the National Park nearby
Day 7: Take the bus to Mendoza
Day 8: Explore Mendoza
Day 9: Explore Mendoza then take a bus to Bariloche.
Day 10: Explore Bariloche
Day 11: Explore Bariloche
Day 12: Take a bus to El Chalten
Day 13: Explore Los Glaciares
Day 14: Explore Los Glaciares
Day 15: Take a bus to El Calafte.
Day 16: Explore El Calafte
Day 17: Bus to Ushuaia
Day 18: Explore Ushuaia, sleep in Ushuaia
Day 19: Explore
Day 20: Explore
Day 21: Go back to Buenos Aires

Taking a bus journey around Argentina is quite a rewarding experience, with surprises waiting for you in every city. The buses are comfortable, the experience is luxurious and you get to be surrounded by incredible scenery on all routes…What more could you ask for?

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