Weathered Wonders – A Guide to the Ultimate Winter Sailing Destinations

Weathered Wonders – A Guide to the Ultimate Winter Sailing Destinations | Sailing in winter sounds like the kind of action that would only be taken on by someone with a death wish, or someone who likes to run marathons for fun. Cutting a path through the freezing ocean in the middle of winter as a form of entertainment is hardly conducive with what many people consider entertaining, and even as a holiday prospect you would need to be fairly fond of being cold and wet to even consider it as an option.

The thing most people tend not to realise about winter sailing is that it rarely takes place in cold places, which is a factor that changes the entire experience from one of abject misery to one of joy and wonderment. Here, we provide a guide to the ultimate winter sailing destinations in the hopes that it opens your eyes to the world of possibilities waiting for you on the great open sea.

1. Seychelles

You say the word “seychelles” and immediately picture the kind of paradise only millionaires and entrepreneurs can afford to visit, and that’s not an entirely unfair assessment of the situation. The Seychelle Islands are a sprawling, beautiful collection of some of the most picturesque beaches and islands in the world, complete with white sands and crystal clear waters, as well as thick jungles and culture in every nook and cranny.

Located around one thousand six hundred and ten kilometers to the east of Africa, the tropical paradise is made up of many small islands and coral atolls. This winter, if you happen to find a Fountaine Pajot for sale, you know exactly where to take that glorious ship for its maiden voyage.

2. Thailand

Thailand is very well-known as a destination for tourists all over the world, but Australians are particularly drawn to its charms. It represents a similar climate and culture as the over-crowded Bali, but with more paths waiting to be discovered through the jungles, more room to take a breath for a moment, and more places to sail to and from than you might believe is possible.

Thailand happens to have warm, clear waters for most of the year, and many docks to set up in for a winter haul in the seafaring cities. Having a sail around these waters will not only be easy, but you will forget altogether that back home it’s wintertime.

3. Tenerife

Tenerife is known for having reliable trade winds, which makes it a winter sailor’s dream destination. The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife’s position relative to Africa makes its water warm and it’s landscape rugged and jungle-covered, making it perfect for exploration and winter wanderings.

The Canary islands are revered luxury holiday destinations, and plane flights and accommodation here will surely cost you more than a trip in your trusty ship.

4. Cuba

Not always people’s first choice for a sailing destinations, Cuba is an underappreciated pilgrimage point for a weary winter traveller. A lift of the travel embargo makes Cuba more enticing as a place to visit because it’s not crowded or too busy, and a city known as Cuba’s “Pearl of the South”, Cienfuegos, is ready to receive ships to dock any day of the week.

5. Whitsundays

For something a little closer to home, try looking at The Whitsundays as your winter destination for 2018. The Whitsunday islands are a cluster of islands off the coast of Mackay in Queensland, Australia, and they represent the best that Australia has to offer in the way of island adventures and smooth sailing.

In the unlikely event of a King Tide, you will be unable to sail up close to the islands themselves, so bring plenty of supplies onboard your vessel, but for the most part your days will be filled with relaxation and swimming in some of the bluest and calmest waters Australia has to offer.

With these destinations swimming about in your vision, there’s no reason to spend winter cooped up inside with the heater on. Get on board your boat and get out into the world.

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