A Beautiful Island Tour on Turquoise Waters

A Beautiful Island Tour on Turquoise Waters | Relaxation on the turquoise waters of Turkey is only the beginning of the experience that can be had on the Aegean Sea.

A popular trip that many visitors take when in the Fethiye region of Turkey is the Twelve Islands tour. While these tours are always popular with visitors, passengers often express wishes to have been able to enjoy the locations along this route for a longer period of time. www.sailturkey.net offers an alternative way to experience these wonderful islands. There are a variety of tours varying in duration and destinations. Time spent onboard exploring the local coastlines and islands is an unforgettable part of the gulet experience in Turkey.

Gulets are a traditional style wooden boat that have been utilised for many different roles across the generations. Modern gulets are predominantly used for cruising the region – taking visitors to out of the way destinations. While these boats have been used in many ways throughout history, the modern variation has been designed with luxury and comfort as a priority for passengers.

Twelve Island cruises usually last around four days which allows for plenty of opportunities to fully explore these beautiful destinations. The first day starts off from the town of Fethiye heading towards the playful Tarzan bay. This a deep-water bay that has lots of entertainment to be enjoyed. A tree that has been named Tarzan’s tree has a rope swing that swings out far enough for most to use. Below the surface of the water, there are varieties of fish that swim around having made a home amongst the ancient Greek amphoras. If a swimmer is lucky, they may even spot an octopus or eel living down on the seafloor.

As the day draws closer to the end the boat will be anchoring in Tersane Islands’ famous bay. This bay has gained fame for having one of the few Seljuk harbours left in Turkey.  This island has been left mostly untouched after the Greece-Turkey population exchange of 1923. When the Greek people left this island, the properties were abandoned and never taken over by the Turkish. Now the only people on the island are those who run the restaurant in the summer months and the yacht visitors. The harbour is a wonderful placed to explore – with its quiet orchids and abandoned docks, it offers an unusual look into recent history.

After rising to this beautiful island lit by the morning sun, the captain will head to Aquarium Bay. This bay had gained its name from the varieties of fish that reside here. During special times of the year, Loggerhead turtles will also visit these warm water bays. Aquarium bay has become a special place for swimmers and snorkelers due to the crystal-clear waters that are deep, offering spectacular views of the underwater world below.

Cleopatra’s baths are the second location of the day. After enjoying relaxing swimming at Aquarium bay, it is time to explore the ruins that were built by Marc Anthony. The stories regarding the Roman baths in this secluded bay say that Marc Anthony built these Roman baths with a Turkish Hamam within as a wedding gift for Cleopatra. Currently, the baths are left in their ruined states for archaeological preservation. The baths are thought to have been abandoned due to an earthquake in the Fethiye area causing some of the baths to sink into the waters and other parts to crumble.

After a night in this unusual location, it is time to head to a locally famous location. Bedri Rahmi Bay is a secluded area with a modest beach. The whole bay has a backdrop of a gentle hill with a mix of pine and olive trees. Amongst the trees are an ancient Lycian rock tombs – some small, for those who were poorer as the larger tombs were for those who were rich and powerful.

Yassica Islands are a small group of islands that are visited on this cruise. These flat islands have a remarkable story for which they are famous for in this area. One of the islands is known as Devil’s Island (Saytanli Ada). The folklore says that when Satan was denied entry into heaven he decided to live on the Yassica islands instead. Apart from its interesting mythical background, these islands are beautiful due to their natural beauty. As they are low lying they offer fantastic views of the ocean and coastline.

The final day is spent sailing around the different bays on the return voyage back to Fethiye harbour. This day is aimed toward full relaxation and enjoying the warm waters and the famous Turkish sunshine.

While the Twelve Island day tour is a fantastic way to see the coastline and enjoy a day out, you can easily fill a few days with the same route and spend quality time in each of the locations mentioned above. This whole region is packed full of new adventures. Why rush?

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