Save, Steal, Splurge: Iceland Travel Tips For Every Budget

Save, Steal, Splurge: Iceland Travel Tips For Every Budget | Beautiful fjords, mystical midnight sunsets, spectacular northern lights, imposing glaciers, majestic volcanoes—these would have anyone cruising to Iceland. Unfortunately, a trip to the Land of Ice and Fire can be quite expensive.

However, there are ways to cut down costs without cutting down on adventure. Whatever your budget is, you can still have an amazing vacation in Iceland. Here’s how:


Ditch posh hotels and stay in cozy ones instead. Camping is probably the most inexpensive option but you can do this only during summer. You can also bunk in a dorm if you don’t mind sharing space with strangers.

Getting around using the public bus is economical but may not be that convenient because of their limited schedules. A better option would be to make friends with fellow hostel guests and share a car.

Hefty admission fees won’t be a concern since most attractions require none. Among those that you can go to for free are the Golden Circle of Strokkur Geyser, Gullfoss Waterfall, and Thingvellir National ParkKerið. There are also plenty of places to go hiking, swimming, snowshoeing and birdwatching.

To see the Northern Lights, tours are ever-popular. You can also try to spot them when you head to the Grótta lighthouse on the Seltjarnarnes Peninsula. As for the unique Icelandic horses, you can spot them in local farms. You may even be lucky enough to pet one if it walks up to the fence line.

Grocery stores are the best places to get cheap food. Most offer pre-made sandwiches, wraps, and salads that fill you up without emptying your wallet. While drinks, especially alcoholic ones, have exorbitant prices, drinking water comes free. Cold tap water comes from clean streams and is potable.


Get a bus pass that takes you to the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. It’s well-worth the initial cost since you can use it for several days.

Book your Northern Lights Tour on your first night. In case it doesn’t make an appearance, the trip will be rebooked the next night. Choose a company that offers refunds in case the lights are a no-show during your entire stay.

City cards and discount cards give you value for your money. They usually offer free or discounted entry to museums and attractions, access to thermal pools, bus services, and restaurant meals.

If you want to indulge in restaurant food, share a meal with a friend and split the bill. Servings in restaurants are huge and are more than enough for two people to share.


Sky’s the limit? Have an awesome experience looking at Iceland’s impressive landscape from a plane or a helicopter. Aerial sightseeing tours also take you to untouched slopes for heliskiing.

There are plenty of tours to choose from, such as the Langjökull Glacier Ice Cave Tour and the Super Jeep Tour if you’re feeling adventurous. If you’re a fan of GOT, grab the chance to see its various locations through a Game of Thrones Tour.

Other splurge-worthy activities include the Blue Lagoon experience, a Northern Lights Jeep hunting tour, whale watching in the northern seas, snorkeling between the tectonic plates at Silfra, and horseback riding on hardy Icelandic horses.

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