Discovering the Magic of Brooklyn by Charter Bus

Discovering the Magic of Brooklyn by Charter Bus | A journey across the river can make a whole lot of difference. One moment you are surrounded by tall buildings and the next, as you cross the East River, the scene in front of you changes and suddenly you are in a different world – a world of heritage buildings, culture and most importantly, a picturesque setting teeming with greenery and water bodies. Pose anywhere and you will have a splendid picture to flaunt on all social media platforms.

But while Brooklyn is charming, to say the least, the sheer number of things to do and see here can be quite overwhelming. To make sure that you cover all the famous spots and even the not so popular avenues, you need to hire a bus to explore Brooklyn at its finest. Be it because of the music scene in Brooklyn, the food and the tourist attractions – both the popular and the offbeat ones – you will be sure to fall in love with this city over and over again.

Planning Bus Transportation

If you plan to tour Brooklyn and get immersed in its culture, you cannot do it by renting out cars, especially if you are traveling in a big group. Multiple cars not only add to your carbon footprints, many a time traffic might cause groups to get separated too. And since no one needs the added stress, especially when you all are meant to be having fun, booking a charter bus is definitely one of the best options out there. Also, charter buses are comfortable and rank high in luxury without burning a hole in your pocket.

Journey to the heart of culture

Once you have planned your transportation, you should go ahead with your plans to make the best out of your Brooklyn visit. Here are a few popular and offbeat places that you should check out to know Brooklyn better:

Brooklyn Museum

Located at the edge of the Prospect Park, this is one must-visit place. This museum houses some of the largest Egyptian art and historic feminist pieces like Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party. Get immersed in the artworks of Impressionist masters in this museum.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Situated between the museum and Prospect Park, the 52 acres of green space houses thousands of floral species. A walk through the emerald and rainbow heart of this garden is sure to take anyone’s breath away.

Brooklyn Promenade

A visit to Brooklyn is incomplete without cherishing the Cityline view of Manhattan, The Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn Promenade. So, whatever you do, do not forget to tuck them right into your itinerary.

Brooklyn Steel

If good music is on your mind, then the Steel is where you should be. Gather your friends and head to this hip scene so you can spend your evening enjoying the coolest of rock and indie sounds.

Must-try eateries

A visit to another city is incomplete without tasting some of their delicacies. Here are some of the noted restaurants of Brooklyn:

● Alta Calidad which is popular for its Mexican and Indian food.
● Juliana’s rules the pie and pizza market of Brooklyn.
● Miss Ada is where you should head if Middle Eastern cuisine is more your liking.
● Ugly Baby serves some beautiful Thai dishes.
● Oasis will definitely satiate your falafel cravings.

Architectural Landmarks

Being known as the city of architecture, every turning of Brooklyn does justice to this tag. Be it a museum, a university or even a cemetery, Brooklyn simply emits heritage like no other place. Here are a few noteworthy landmarks that should feature in your itinerary:

Green-Wood Cemetery

While death is not something that pops first to mind when thinking of this vibrant city, you will not mind visiting this historical landmark that’s situated between Prospect Park and Sunset Park.

Brooklyn Heights

Every part of Brooklyn Heights will make you want to settle down in the city and live your own fairytale.

Brooklyn Brewery

Apart from brewing the nation’s best beer, the industry itself is an architectural landmark.


Don’t let the acronym fool you for the “Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass” is a hotspot for talents, what with its many-hued galleries and vibrant installations.

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