Is Egypt a Safe Place for Backpackers?

Is Egypt a Safe Place for Backpackers? | When you’re traveling the world with your backpack, it’s quite common to wonder if where you’re going is safe. Finding out as you arrive isn’t always a good idea! But, are countries like Egypt a safe place for backpackers?

As one of the most exciting African countries, Egypt has thousands of years of history, as well as always being welcoming to visitors! There are so many things that are genuinely unique to Egypt that it’s often hard to find a place that doesn’t have thousands of years of tourists and cultural hubs. However, it’s important to look at how backpackers have fared in this enticing country over the years.

Here are a few pointers and facts to keep you safe and to make you feel more comfortable about backpacking in Egypt!

High Travel Recommendations!

Taking your egyptair flight into Cairo, you may actually be stunned by the sheer size and grandeur of this ancient city. Not only is it the Capital city of Egypt, but Cairo is incredibly safe if you practice good common sense travel precautions. As a place with nearly 20 million people living in its borders, it’s also one of the world’s largest cities!

When it comes to visiting larger cities, no matter where you go, you should understand that with more people, comes higher crime rates. However, the actual crime rates and travel precautions are rather low. Despite some areas in the Sinai Peninsula having higher advisory levels, the whole of Egypt appears to be incredibly safe!

It’s important to be aware of your country’s travel recommendations, as well as travel advisories, no matter where you are going. For the most part, they exist to keep you safe and not traveling off to dangerous countries! Maintain a respectful attitude towards different cultures, and always keep in mind that you are a visitor.

Major Hubs for Better Options

When you buy your airline tickets to first arrive in Egypt, be certain to book your travel into one of the major cities. This will ensure a higher level of people to speak more languages, generally more accommodations, as well as more tourist friendly destinations.

Here is a list of the major cities in Egypt where you can fly in, have options, and experience history:

• Cairo – Pyramids of Gyza, the Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, Pyramids of Saqqara and Mepmphis, Saladin Citadel.
• Aswan – Philae Temple, temple Complex of Abu Simbel, World Famous Dams.
• Luxor – Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple Complex, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Colossi of Menmon
• Alexandria – Ruins of the Pharos of Alexandria at the Citadel of Qaitbay, Library at Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina), stunning beaches!
• Sharm El Sheikh – Crystal clear waters as well as beautiful, clean beaches. Naama Bay, quad bike tours, go-karting, as well as snorkeling and diving.
• Hurghada – Beautiful resorts with fabulous beaches and clear waters.

By staying in larger cities, you’re bound to have more options for your backpacking needs. This means more on the go food options, as well as places to lay your head at night. Not to mention you will have more travel options throughout the city!

Safety Tips in Egypt and Beyond

When it comes to backpacking through Egypt, whether you want to take some time cruising down the Nile, or visiting the Pyramids, there are lots of common sense safety tips you can use. No matter where you travel in the world, using these tips will help you stay safe and keep calm in all your backpacking adventures!

• Know how to defend yourself (take a self-defense course)
• Take a friend!
• Hidden pockets for your important documents
• Have a travel medical kit
• Plan how you will travel everywhere!
• Pad locks for your zippers and backpack
• Don’t keep all your cash in the same place
• Your phone, and a back-up phone for emergencies
• Always tell someone where you are, as well as where you are going

When it comes to being safe while you’re backpacking in ANY country, these tips will help you feel more confident facing a new country on your own, or with friends.

Other general safety rules include avoiding overly crowded areas, as well as being cautious on holidays and religious celebration days. Pickpockets love holidays and tourists! When traveling to places like Sharm El Sheikh, be certain that the way you get there is safe. As the Sinai Peninsula is partly populated by terrorist organizations.

Staying Safe as You Backpack Through Egypt!

There are tons of reasons to visit the beautiful continent of Africa. It’s important to stay save no matter where you travel in the world. Traveling through the stunning country of Egypt is no different!

Egypt can be very safe for backpackers, especially if you follow the helpful tips in this guide. Stay to major cities and tourist hubs in order to have more safe options in a pinch, be aware of your country’s travel advisories, and keep up with your safety common sense while traveling! All in all, it’s pretty safe to backpack through Egypt. Time for you to book your flight!

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